About Me

Nick Ottens is a project manager at the crowdsourced consultancy Wikistrat and the owner and chief editor of the transatlantic news and opinion website Atlantic Sentinel. He was previously a Europe correspondent for The Prague Post and specializes in political trends in Europe and North America.

Employment History


Project Manager
Since 2014

Managing strategic simulations and other crowdsourced activities on Wikistrat’s interactive, Web 2.0 platform. My responsibilities include designing research projects, assembling analytic teams and maintaining client relations.


Contributing Analyst
2011 - 2014

Contributed to strategic analyses of international relations, conflict resolution, economic policy and risk management.

Chief Editor
Since 2009

I try to go beyond the daily headlines at the Sentinel to help readers better understand what’s in the news today and anticipate what will be in the news tomorrow. Part of our mission is to help American readers make sense of European politics and vice versa, so I draw parallels where I see them and write from a transatlantic perspective.

Prague Post

Europe Correspondent

Covered European politics and Russian economic and foreign policy in a weekly column.

Dagelijkse Standaard

2011 – 2014

Wrote about Dutch politics and world news in a daily opinion column. Was response for front-page management once per week.



Wrote the weekly international news digest as well as in-depth analyses of Iraqi-Turkish relations and North Korea’s regime stability for the Netherlands’ only liberal/conservative weekly opinion magazine.


Universiteit Leiden

Research Master, History of European Expansion and Globalization

Thesis subject: Britain’s Nineteenth-Century War on Terror

Universiteit Leiden

Bachelor of Arts, History

Thesis subject: The Causes of the First Anglo-Afghan War