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The Smoking Lounge, A User’s Guide in the form of a Recapitulation
By The Drum Major

What is this?

The Smoking Lounge is, in the words of Mr Ottens, “a forum for all things steam, diesel, retro and pulp.” So if steampunk and dieselpunk and everything retro-futuristic take your fancy, settle in!

Although our emphasis lies on these topics, there is more! You can find debate here about modern-day issues as well history, enjoy some original prose and poetry and artwork created by our members, and participate in several role-playing games.

How do I get on board?

To join the community:

  • Email nick@ottens.co.uk with your preferred username.

  • He will manually create an account for you for with a placeholder password that you can change after your first log-in.

Who’s in charge?

There are five staff members at the Smoking Lounge currently. Our administrator and club owner is Ottens, who has final authority on all things. The Drum Major is the local supermoderator, who is here to enforce the rules and help Ottens out with stuff. Our moderators are Col. Adrianna Hazard, Ella Kremper, and Steiner, who assists The Drum Major with keeping the unwashed hordes — err, board members in line.

So how do I know what rules to follow?

There is a page chock-full of rules Here.

What are all of the forums, and what should I post in them?

Well, first of all, you should read the description underneath each forum. As a brief rundown, here’s the essence of most of them:

Ætherscope: For discussions about everything relating to steampunk—the genre, the style, the movement, as well as everything Victorian, Neo-Victoriana, Weird West, etc.

Café Metropole: For discussions of dieselpunk and its era, including period pulp fiction, film noir, as well as the style and history of the 1920s-1940s.

Startling Stories: Where you can post and discuss literature and poetry, including your own. Also the place for role-playing games.

The Diogenes Club: For anything not covered above, such as politics, non-genre movies and fun!

Forum Affairs: Feedback, announcements and technical issues can be found here. Check this forum often for news about the boards.

Never Was Magazine: Formerly The Gatehouse, Never Was is an online steam-, diesel- and atomicpunk magazine run by Ottens Ottens and Hilde Heyvaert.

Where can I introduce myself?

There is an introductions thread in The Diogenes Club, lcated here

Where can I tell people that I’m going to be gone for a while?


Where can I tell people about my foolproof plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!?!?!

For any matters regarding world domination, please contact The Drum Major by hitting the “contact” link under his username in this post. He would be happy to assist you, if he is able to share in the power.

Why is my username not all showing?

Longer usernames can get cut off because of the narrow board width. If your username consists of multiple words, we recommend that you use spaces between them. Approximately 12 characters can be fit on one line.

If you want your username changed, please contact a member of staff.

How do I post photos to a thread? (Courtesy of Hilde)

For most photo services:

1. Post your photo on an external hosting site, such as Flickr, Photobucket, etc.

2. Once you've uploaded your photo on an external host, grab the code or URL needed to post here. How to do that differs from host to host, but it's easy enough to figure out when you start looking for it.

3. Paste that code or URL between [ img ] and [ /img ] tags.

I have more questions!

Well, then, you’re out of luck.

Just kidding — simply questions your questions here. If they're good, we'll answer them. If they're better, we'll add them to the guide.

Re: User's Guide

How do I post pictures?

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Re: User's Guide

[ img ] http://www. url of the image here [ /img ]

(Without the spaces between the brackets and the "img" of course.)

Re: User's Guide

Sorry, guess I'm thick. I just want to upload a few jpegs. Like I did with my profile picture. Isn't there just a "Upload image file" button. I don't really understand all that code stuff.

If it can't be expressed in figures, its not science, it is opinion.

R. A. Heinlein

Re: User's Guide

There doesn't seem to be with this software... (I know because I've looked myself and I checked with JD.) Your best bet is an image hosting site like Imageshack, Tinypic, Photobucket, etc. As for the coding... they usually provide it for you when you upload the image, you just need to copy and paste in here.

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Re: User's Guide

What FLO said. The forum doesn't allow file uploading. I always use www.imageshack.us.

Re: User's Guide

What a pain. Too complicated. Probably a lot of cool pix not coming through because of it. Aw well, I'll try imageshack.

If it can't be expressed in figures, its not science, it is opinion.

R. A. Heinlein

Re: User's Guide

It's really not that much of an effort, sir. smile Please do show us the pictures!

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Erasmus wrote:

What a pain. Too complicated. Probably a lot of cool pix not coming through because of it.

The coding really isn't that tricky!  Anyone who uses the web must surely know at least some basic coding (even if it is just copying and embedding code onto social network sites like myspace).

As FLO says, online storage sites usually give you the code under your pictures, and you just need to copy and paste it here.

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Re: User's Guide

If you use Photobucket, the img tag is displayed right under your uploaded image. Just copy and paste.