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This might not interest most of you, but those who share as much a passion for Star Trek as they do for steampunk ought to pay attention!

If you ever ventured beyond The Gatehouse, you'll have found that my site contains another large section called Forgotten Trek.  That site is a pretty huge archive of Star Trek behind-the-scenes and production material.  Indeed, as far as I know, it's the largest website of its kind. 

Just two days ago, I decided that Forgotten Trek needed an overhaul.  Well, not so much an overhaul, as, let's say, a reimagination (that's not the same as a reboot, mind you!).  In terms of style and content, the site will remain pretty much as it is, though the main page now has a nifty new header and background image.  Mostly, I'll improve the navigation device (see the TOS section for a taste of things to come) and try and provide news of interest to the Forgotten Trek audience, in a blog-like manner, just as I do at The Gatehouse here.

Check it out and feel free to tell me what you like and what you don't.

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I like the format of that new lay-out.


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ooooh that looks shiny!

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I grew up watching Star Trek & Doctor Who, and they both still have special places in my heart.  (Should I admit that I have a Klingon uniform in the costume closet?)  How did I never realize this part of the website existed?  Oh, dear. 

The layout is quite elegant.

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You might want to keep the Klingon custome right where it is for now, if only because it might frighten the slightly intoxicated members... 

I'm glad you all like the new look!

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Very nice, Ottens. Easy to navigate and sharp looking - just like the rest of the website.

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I've finally moved Forgotten Trek to a domain of its own:

All the old links, from, should forward you to the new locations.

I also wrote a history of the site, which you can read here.

I started Forgotten Trek in 2004! Such a long time ago.

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I redesigned the front page of Forgotten Trek. Making it look less like a blog. My thinking was that visitors would be less interested in the most recent content and more interested in being able to browse by series and film.

Some of the most recent content includes lost episodes of The Original Series and Phase II, forgotten aliens of The Motion Picture and the evolution of the sickbay set