Topic: Catching up

A lot has happened in my life since we were all last active here, as I'm sure it has in yours.

I got married, got a dog, moved to Barcelona, got serious about my writing career (check out the Atlantic Sentinel)

How have you all been?

Re: Catching up

My wife Jude passed away in 2013. I have not been able to keep an engineering job. There seems to be little need for environmental project engineers in the US at the moment. I married again, moved to Lawton Oklahoma, and started working for the Salvation Army. Ironic perhaps because we are not religious, and the Salvation Army is a church. Still, the line for the nightly soup kitchen is increasing. Our women's shelter is nearly full. Last year, only a few women stayed there. The men's shelter is about the same. Lots of fear about President Trump and the likelihood of war. We live next to a huge artillery base named Fort Sill. No unusual activity there yet.

Re: Catching up

I finished my PhD and am looking for jobs in academia. Nothing much else to report.

Edit: Seems like you've been through the wars a bit Wil, my condolences.