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Gadzooks!  It made a link! ...but not one of those one word links:(

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I started a new Twitter since I quit Echo Bazaar. This one is a bit more professionally based, so there will be a lot of science links on it:


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I don't really 'get' Twitter, but I use it. I'm more active on Facebook, but that's because my author and book pages are there.

My info is in my signature, so fortunately I don't have to do those links again. wink

Non omnis moriar...

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Thank you for your interest! I am active on Twitter and Facebook as: Wil Rohan. If you like Science, Route 66, Mid-century design, sailing art, or U.S. Civil War history, please visit my Facebook page. If you like science and scientists, please visit me on Twitter. Have a wonderful day!


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I've included a link to your Facebook profile in your post, Wil, but I'm not sure what your Twitter handle is?

The new Twitter account for Never Was is @neverwasmag.

The magazine is also on Tumblr.

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Sorry... https://twitter.com/wilrohan1