Topic: Quebec Steampunk Music Double Feature For Celeberating My Departure.

Tommorow begin a two week family trip to Lebel Aux Couvillon in Abitibi. Lets mark it by two sample of Quebec great tradition of steamy sounding music:

Fred Pellerin, Storyteller and Singer:
Fred Pellerin- Silence parole/lyrics
Fred Pellerin - Mille après mille
Fred Pellerin - Histoire de mensonge
Génération Passe-Partout - Fred Pellerin «Zig Zag»

Les Enfants De La Bolduc, a hommage to a famous female folkloric singer of the 1920's (go to Album for music extracts):

BTW, since i will bring my ipod and my portable computer, sporadic contacts would be possible.

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Datatech Sinder Roze, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

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