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Steiner wrote:

I enjoyed your review Hilde, and am now looking forward to the film even more. You mention it dwells a right ammount  on carter's backstory. I understand he was a CSA officer in the American Civil War in the original stories, is this the case with this film? If so, is there much of this part of his life in the film?

Drop me a line on hildekitten @ gmail dot com, I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet smile

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I've not seen it yet, but just from the trailer, I like the way they link Carter to Burroughs the narrator. Much thought seems to have gone into the movie.

There's a great deal of discussion going on in the Science Fiction Association's discussion list at the moment - I'll try to pull out some interesting titbits which are non-spoiler.

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The movie premiered here a few weeks ago in 3D, but because of some eye hassle I don't like that arrangement. Yesterday the 2D version eventually appeared at a nearby cinema so I was off at once.

Yes, it was highly enjoyable. No, it was not Burroughs's original story. It had been modernized to suit us, the living, and the revisions worked out quite nicely. The movie's version of Dejah Thoris really rocks. (But where are the other eight types of rays?) I will review the movie at my blog Drömsmedjan in a few days.

Edit: Here is the review >>>

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