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Topic: Gents now taking questions / suggestions

Dear Readers,

Wishing to be of greater service and relevance to you the readers, I am soliciting any ideas, questions or broad topics you would like to see addressed in our gentleman's lifestyle column.

The mission of 'Gents' is to promote an elegant mode of modern living using historic inspiration, tastefully applied. Some may term this "lifestyle steampunk" others (more accurately) may call it Neo-Edwardianism. I am less concerned about nomenclature than I am about establishing a viable foothold for a new aesthetic historicism that exists outside of specified steampunk gatherings or the sci-fi fandom convention circuit. These times and spaces are all well and good but there is a desperate need in the real world for aesthetic variety, charm and grown-up, irony-free sophistication. Are you up for this challenge? If so then let's have those suggestions, questions or brainstorms.

I remain

yr servant

I.E. Brackley

Re: Gents now taking questions / suggestions

If I may, I'd like to propose an article about proper headwear!

Re: Gents now taking questions / suggestions

I don't know if this is the place to discuss it but I have recently become facinated with Orchestrions and other player-piano-like machines. I especially like the band organs in typical old carousels. My favorite machine is the Hupfeld Phonoliszt Vionlina.
I am writing an essay about these machines and their Victorian/Edwardian historic timeframe.

The Orchestrion:

The Carousel Band Organ:
http://theatrehistoricalsociety.wordpre … gan-rally/

The Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina:
http://www.antique-hq.com/hupfeld-phono … world-114/