Topic: Peshawar Lancers

I finished Peshawar lancers this weekend.Verdict; 7/10

It was a very enjoyable tale set in a magnificently thought out world (although I disagreed with certain elements, such as how the King, prince and princess act - I found it a bit unrealistic). The only reservations I had were about the quality of story telling. The flow was a bit awkward and some of the writing style was, I found, amaturish. There was a bit of info-dumping too. Nevertheless, the tale itself was as I say, enjoyable with a wonderful cast of characters, Except the Prince and princess, who I found annoying, but the Sikh and Hillman are excellent.The main protagonists, Athelstane and Cassandra King at sometimes seem a bit carboard, though I found Athelstane a more enjoyable character than his sister who seems to be an awkwardly injected element of wimmins-lib. The  scenes are first rate adventure, though I thought a bit of deus ex machina toward the end.

Recommend it though