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Just like it's diesel counterpart, a place to put imagery from steampunk times that doesn't belong anywhere else smile


Miss Boyd tees off at a golf course in Portrush, 1911


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Edwardian era telephone operator

steampunk avant la lettre, that's what this is!

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That's awesome. I want to do a costume of this, now.

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I wouldn't say no to that as a prop either big_smile

A young woman heats food at a sideboard in an electric serving dish made by General Electric, which is plugged into a light socket, 1908.


Fourth of July Party in Early 1900s


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a good difference between upper class and servant wardrobes in 1908


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on the phone in 1907

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a collection of absolutely fabulous photos from around 1900

History 1900: Paris almost put an end to the Olympic movement

There's a lovely photo from that time of visitors strolling towards the Pont Alexandre III during the Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1900, in that article as well so if you dont feel like reading it's well worth to click for the pretty picture wink

And last but not least for today:

rare video footage of the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900


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annemarie schwarzenbach

Boyfriend fashion avant la lettre


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zebra drawn carriage


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bicycle, steampunk style