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I was listening to this track in the car last night and I thought that the sound suggested machinery or train rhythm. Unlike most of the music in this discussion, it is undoubtedly modern and not Diesel period or even referencing the period in a "retro" fashion. I don't know how much this matters to you all.

Anyway, this track is very reminiscent of Enigma MCMXC a.D.
and the accompanying video is originally from a Chemical Brothers track.

Delirium - Flatlands


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Bill Tole is the leader of the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. They played in my town of Pauls Valley Oklahoma last year.

Bill Tole at Disneyland 1984 … re=related

Bill Tole Don’t Worry About Me 1990

I painted this Neon caricature that he was kind enough to put on his Facebook page.


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thewilbur wrote:

Bill Tole is the leader of the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. They played in my town of Pauls Valley Oklahoma last year.

I like it! Very smooth.

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Don't know if any of you have come across Raymond Scott before?  He did music for the Hal Roach films (including Laurel and Hardy's)

The Beau Hunks are a modern Dutch band that play his stuff (named after the L&H film of the same name)

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be


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There is an awesome CD called big band remixed or something like that, it has a great remix of "Nightmare" by Artie Shaw
here is the youtube link
I think it's an appropriate mix of retro and futurism...


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Spiritual Front

that's all I have to add to this, I saw them live last Saturday and omfg they were AWESOME!

They've got that entire Italian old skool maffia vibe going on and I firmly believe that these guys could be what Abney Park is for steampunk.

They're better live than on cd but sadly all the youtube recordings I can find are as shitty as my own.  I really should have taken along the SLR with it's awesome HD video capacity.

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Hi there, haven't posted anything for ages... (shame on me...) however when i saw the new Social Distortion video I though it would make a good post here ;-)
The music itself isn't dieselpunkish (well, punkish yes...) however the overall stlye is pure 30s/40s gangster and very nice to watch.

Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won't help...

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Ooh, really nice production values! The cars are so beautiful. Just one qualm: the first lady to walk in, who gets whistled at. Her shoes simply aren't very period. Heel is too high and the style is a bit off. You'd think that for a close-up shot like that they'd have paid attention to the details!

My own recent discovery is Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers:

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Check out these fine purveyors of "filthy swing": … -vide.html

Their album is also available for only $5 on CD Baby (I am considering downloading it...):

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Hey, peoples. Don't know if it's been feature before here, but I've got some potential dieselpunk music for ya: … 1636194FD3

Love their music!  Such a fresh take on swing music.  They call their style "electro-swing."  Kind of reminiscent of Django Reinhardt with the violin, I think.