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I know that there's occassionally been some bits and pieces of steampunk Star Wars posted, so I figured it'd be a good idea to start a topic to compile them.  It will make it a lot easier to find them all again via the handy search this way smile

steampunk aviator type Leia

steampunk Boba and Yoda

steampunk C3PO and Chewbacca

steampunk leia

steampunk jawa

sketch of a steampunk speeder bike

steampunk jabba the hut

steampunk storm trooper

steampunk Luke Skywalker and Han Solo

female sidh


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another aviator Leia


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I really like the Boba Fett and Leia versions. The steampunk speder bike is great as well.

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I really like the Jawa and the speeder. Here is a Darth Vader I found a while back.


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That Darth Vader is really cool!

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From Lord K's:



By Bjorn Hurris.

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I'd like to see a Steampunk AT-AT walker

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Steiner wrote:

I'd like to see a Steampunk AT-AT walker

No problem.



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big_smile thankee

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Since I am a member of the 501st Legion...I have always loved the steampunk star wars art.  I am in fact currently working on a steampunk ( though it is going more towards dieselpunk at this point) Boba Fett. I will have to post pics once I gather stuff back together...the project has been on the self as I am engrossed in building my 1930's speakeasy.

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