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Thank you HildeKitten. You do take very good photos. I enjoy them.

Your Disney vacation trip photos are filled with beautiful and artistic design. I especially like the Discoveryland attractions, buildings, and lamps.

I didn't know that the Orbitron - Machines Volantes was designed during the late 1980's. The Hyperion airship and hangar were originally planned for California Disneyland theme park during the late 1970's (Tony Baxter's Great Discovery Bay Project) that was never built.


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Thank you kindly good sir!
And thank you for telling me that about Hypérion, I didn't know that at all! 
Originally Discoveryland was going to have Discovery Mountain, but that project got moved to Tokyo Disney Sea and became Mount Prometheus on Mysterious Island.

But we should really move this (very interesting) talk to the Disney retrofuturism thread before Nick tells us off smile

And to stay somewhat on topic:

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Yes I agree. How about this...

Supercar by Gerry Anderson in 1961 & 1962 (and shown in Los Angeles 1963).


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check out this nifty photo

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It looks like a C-47 (Douglas DC-3). General Eisenhower referred to the C-47 as the plane that won World War II.


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found via the blog

Photo by Martin Teschner (click for larger view)


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via the blog

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An airplane and travel trailer (caravan for you Europeans) from the mid-1930's, both of monocoque construction with aluminum over tubular metal frame.

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And an artsy version of both vehicles, from a different angle.  Both were the first of their kind to utilize this construction technique with aluminum.


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Lovely images Sean!

build your own papercraft airplane!