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Welcome Mr Moritaine!  It's a delight to have such a fine gentlemen in Her Majesty's service in our presence!

Please do notify us whenever your website aires.

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Oh my, that was indeed witty.

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Greetings from the royal city The Hague, Holland!

I finally made it to this forum as well (thanks for the invitation!), after establishing the first ever steampunk forum way back in 2003, then at port5.com. Changed communication over some forums including nov-net, some might know me (I stick to the silly name for logging in to forums).

Because another forum has taken over most of the steampunk community, I'm planning a redo of my own forum, a change towards worldbuilding, gothic horror, live steam and probably some videostuff. Steampunk will stay there as well. I've neglected the place because I had, sadly enough, other things on my mind the last year.

And in short: educated townplanner (call me engineer), enthusiast worldbuilder, daydreaming writer.

On my YouTube Profile (GothicSteamDaleth) I've got a Steampunk playlist in which I collect steampunk videos.

Just call me Jack


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Welcome Mr Yaghish!  It's a pleasure to have you here at the Smoking Lounge.


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Why we're most delighted to welcome you here at the Smoking Lounge, Mr Selden!  A pleasure to meet you indeed!

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Towards the Attention of Mr.Ottens,
   It's been a long jounrney from the cold lands of Greenland to this place.I must say,not once we thought we are not going to escape from the ice blocks that kept on appearing out of nowhere all around the ship blocking our way,thank god our battle ship was enhanced in Germany,just before we left, with Panzer wheels,thus being able to go across the hardest parts of the Northern Lands and finally bringing us to safety here.
   Living in self-exile for so long and only battle the Polar Bears and hunting northern creatures in snow deserts has not allowed me to befriend so many people who might share my same interests,but here I am , ready to make aquintance with whoever is ready to stretch a hand out to me and join me for a glass of good Whiskey.
  I must say The Gatehouse is more than I ever expected,my congratulations dear Sir.
  So I shall take a seat on one of these very comfortable chairs of your lounge and prepare myself for sharing stories and knowledge.


When the fog lifts,the snipers can see you -A.C

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Welcome to all of our recent members of the Smoking Lounge. Glad to see so much fresh blood showing up.

Also, don't forget to check out our roleplaying section and join up. Don't be afraid of trying to join an already-running RP--we'll work you in somehow! smile


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Welcome, Mr Schaeffer, I'm very glad indeed that you were able to make it to our elaborate Smoking Lounge after such a perilous journey!  Did you, by any chance, pass The Blazing World en route from your home Greenland toward us here?  It's been such a long time since I last saw the place for myself, and I regret to admit that I've almost quite forgotten what it looks like!

I hope you'll find the Smoking Lounge a most pleasant place to indulge in discussion about "all things Steam, Diesel, and Pulp."  And perhaps, should you find the time and interest, you can take up Mr Roger's proposal and join one of the two most stimulating roleplays we have in the Startling Stories board.