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Welcome to the Smoking Lounge.

Please, pull up a chair and introduce yourself.

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Greetings to all...  All two of you.  That is of little matter.  I am new to this wondrous world of Steampunk and one of its most attractive characteristics is the rarity of its followers.  This ensures an avoidance of mainstream culture.  I am very eager to learn everything I can about this new passion of mine and am even more eager to share that knowledge with like minds.

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Welcome Mr Archer!  We are thankful to have you with us and should be quite able to facilitate your journey into the fascinating world of Steampunk!

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Hi all. I'm Piechur of Retrostacja & Steampunkopedia. Here's my website:

Here's my comic-book project:

And I'm new here.

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Those of you who frequented The Steampunk Forum in its early days or the nov-net steampunk board may recognize me. For those who don't, I suppose I should formally introduce myself.

Colonel Adrianna Hazard, sky pirate, at your service. You are all welcome to visit me aboard my delightful dirigible, the Perennial Fortune.

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There are a great many of us already, I see. It is always an adventure to introduct oneself.

I am a bit of a vainglorious dandy, acting through a lady's body. I have come to find and share knowledge even in the tiniest bits about my beloved world of Steam. My favourite subjects are the clothing and the manners of old times, and love discussing small interesting details concerning change and stagnancy in both of these areas. All things beautiful have my undivided attention.

I trust you will not mind me staying for a while, at least.

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It's good to see two more familiar faces here, and someone new. Welcome all, and as for Mourning; I'm glad to make your acquaintance.

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Oh my word!  So many glorious adventurers here!  I much appreciated your invitation Mr. Ottens, though I do object to this foul smelling miasma.  It can't be good for my health or that any of the other guests.

As for myself, I'm just a simple lady with a growing interest in Steampunk.  Though I must admit, I am mostly attracted to the atheistic and the fashion.  A unforeseen benefit of my poor health, due to an unusual nerve condition, permits me much leisure time.  I hope that I can use some of it in pleasant and enlightening conversation with all of you kind folk.

Oh, I should also add that I'm a member of the Pittsburgh Steampunk Livejournal community.  I enjoy planning events within the group, so if you ever find yourself in the city of Pittsburgh, do let me know and I will try my best to make your visit a pleasant one.  For example, I know the best place for Afternoon Tea.

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greetings all, from the fair city of Manchester, a city central to the industrial revolution, and steampunk capital of rainy ol' blighty, what what!

great to be here