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Where dieselpunk itself is ill-defined, dieselpunk fashion has nearly no clear guidelines at all, save that it draws inspiration from period fashion, that is, the 1930s and 40s, sometimes including elements from the Roaring Twenties and even the early Cold War. 

Here's some depictions of both period as well as contemporary outfits which I think fit the dieselpunk style.  Please do share your own!

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Indy in his white dinner jacket, after a swing-jazz opening by Willie Scott. Anything goes. Bertie Wooster and his valet, Jeeves. The Chairman of the Board
Bogart 'our Jude'


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I feel a zoot suit riot coming on...


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Dieselpunk is very in right now, several designers have picked up on it.
Expect to see it show up in winter fashions soon!

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I think dieselpunk in terms of clothing works better with fall and winter;  fedora hats and rain coats and all, not very summery.

That's a lovely picture of Bertie Wooster, Steiner.  I certainly got dieselpunk vibes from it.  Humphrey Bogart, of course, an obvious choice.  Though more noir than dieselpunk, perhaps, I still find him to embody the dieselpunk man excellently.

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DP/pulp fashion? Bring it on!! Step aside damn metrosexuals! Time to insert some proper manliness into fashion!


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What is the dieselpunk equivalent of the vapours? Because I think aku's post just gave it to me tongue Those are some fine lookin' fellas!

Here are images from a magazine photo shoot that I found on the foto decadent livejournal community. I think it brings together a bunch of dieselpunk elements. One of the pictures is NSFW.

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Ooh! I like those, especially that first picture. I wonder where she's going with that humongous suitcase big_smile

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That last picture....he's got my hat.
These pictures you two put up are great!

Hildekitten wrote:

Dieslepunk is very in right now ...

That's very true, there's a lot of looking back at the 50s and before at the moment, as I talked with Ottens the other day. Though I wonder how that will manifest itself.
In this country there's somehting disturbingly 70s with modern fashion. Perhaps sense will drag us to a better age.


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How odd, I feel that over here, in The Netherlands that is, there's a tendency toward pre-hippie, 1950s fashion, but only among a certain kind of people.  You'll still see plenty of people dressed most indecently.

Those are some pretty smart photos, Colonel!  They might be slightly more, uhrm, romantic, than dieselpunk usually is.  They make me think of Berlin in the last weeks and days of the War, with the Soviets about to storm in, and all people left in the Reich's capital boozing and partying.