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Topic: List of steampunk websites



  • Dieselpunk Encyclopedia - Seeks to become the definitive guide on all things dieselpunk

  • Dieselpunk - Larry Amyett's blog, emphasis on dieselpunk culture and theory

  • Dieselpunks - Dieselpunk community online with blogs and forums

  • Never Was - Formerly The Gatehouse, steam-, diesel- and atomicpunk magazine

  • Flying Fortress - Dieselpunk blog with focus on genre theory (Defunct)






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Lets see what I have in my delicious links... Some of these are a bit loose, so inclusion is up to you as always, sir.


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Thanks for the list!

I've included most, and this blog, Steampunk Bitz, was entirely new to me!


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I came across Steampunk Bitz quite by accident a few weeks ago when I was linked to an excellent article there about finding good steamy deals on ebay.

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It might seem preposterous, but it might be of interest that I started my own forum effort The Club of Clockwork Gentlemen. A fledgling bilingual forum (English/German) based around steampunk and all kinds of roleplaying. It only exists for three days now, so don't expect anything huge.

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That looks a good forum (albeit yet to grow and prosper), I look forward to watching how it goes, elShoggotho, might even join up smile

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Is anyone aware of the status of the Brassgoggles website?  It seems to be offline - and all (SL) Steampunk efforts to access the site or contact Tinkergirl have failed.  The last entry was about three weeks ago, and as of about 12 hours ago, the domain seems to have been abandoned.

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This isn't really the thread for that, I'm afraid.  There's actually on on the top of the list right here in Aetherscope, which should refer you to this topic in The Diogenes Club about the situation.

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I don't know if this is totally in dedication to Steampunk, but it seems to give some eye toward it.



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Ah, I do like Mr MacDougall's site.  In fact, I've linked to it from my "Linkage" page, but I'm not sure it's perfectly steampunk though.  Plus, it's not updated that often---unfortunately.