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Topic: Calendar

Here's to keep track of all events important to the Smoking Lounge and its memberbase.

8  -  Founding Day of the Smoking Lounge
27  -  akumabito's birthday

3  -  Chinese New Year
8  -  Jules Verne Day
23  -  Soviet Army Day

17  -  Air Kraken Day & St. Patrick's Day
23  -  Sigurjon Njalsson's birthday

10  -  Col. Adrianna Hazard's birthday
12  -  Cosmonautics Day
22  -  Earth Day

2  -  Fierry Little One's birthday
15  -  Dr Damon Molinarius's birthday
21  -  Dieselpunk Day

14  -  International Steampunk Day
17  -  Matmaevo's birthday

8  -   Ferdinand von Zeppelin's birthday
10  -  Tesla Day
10  -  redfezwriter's birthday
24  -  Hilde's birthday & Aviatrix Day
26  -  Albrecht's birthday
27  -  SteamTabby's birthday

1  -  Steiner's birthday
3  -  Ottens' birthday

1  -  Russian Knowledge Day
16  -  The Daft Punk's birthday
19  -  Talk Like an Air Pirate Day
21  -  H.G. Wells' birthday

7  -  JD Roger's birthday
9  -  Dr Who Day
21  -  KinichAhau's birthday
31  -  Halloween

4  -  Dr. Galea's birthday
6  -  Supernatural Monster Day

8  -  Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day
24  -  Howard Hughes' birthday

Friday 13th  -  Supernatural Monster Day

Post in this thread if you would like to see your birthday or an event added to the list.

Re: Calendar

Updated the list.

Please do post your birthday here, if it isn't listed yet.  That is, if you wish it to be listed, of course.  And any other events significant to steampunk enthusiasts, obviously!

Re: Calendar

January 27th - aku's birthday


Re: Calendar

My birthday is on July 24th

Re: Calendar

My birthday is March 23rd.

Sean Schönherr, author of Cinema is Cinema

Re: Calendar

Both added.  Begging your pardon for the delay on my part!

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My birthday 15 May

Other significant dates - Jules Verne's birthday 8 February; International Steampunk Day 14 June

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be

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"International Steampunk Day"?  I'd never heard of that one.  But it's added to the calender, along with your birthday.  Note that "Jules Verne Day" is already there.

Now a quick glance at the calender also reveals that it's J.D.'s birthday coming up.  We should plan a party.

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Agreed. A party is in order!


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We should buy liquor and strippers.  I seem to recall that I asked Steiner to take care of our savings.  I do trust he's invested wisely so that we can have a good party, right?