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Most keyboards have a "Print Screen" button somewhere left to the main buttons.  I'm not sure where precisely it is to be located, since my laptop offers no such button.  But if yours has one, it allows you to take a screenshot of your desktop, by which you could allow us to gaze at your undoubtedly thrilling wallpaper! wink

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EDIT: Aha!



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Oh I love that render!  It's incredibly dieselpunk, not?  wink

Allow me to present.... the 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 S Cabriolet.   


Wow.  I mean:  WOW   big_smile


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What wondrous contraption!   Could you provide more information about it?


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It's called the Neverwas Haul.  Here's an address for a short video of it.



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The vehicle seems to advance rather awkwardly and produces the most horrifying sound as it does--but its magnificence by far overshadows those minor irritations.  It's amazing that people would spent the time and resources to produce wonderful machines like this.

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For pure evil Dieselpunk in vehicle form:



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The Nazi General's transportation of choice!   The perfect vehicle for any authoritarian -- I love it!

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There was a Commando comic back in 2006 called "Demon Driver" in which a former movie stunt driver outwits half of occupied France in one XD, including getting into a deadly race with a Kubelwagen, driving across a burning wooden bridge on the point of collapse and leaping from an already-occupied harbour into the very last allied boat to sail XD