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Christmas - although girls dress less like tramps, there is traditionally an equal ammount of alchohol, and Halloween isn't really done here.

real fur/leather/skins in clothes or fake?


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fake, no doubt about it.

corduroy or jeans?


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My opinion is that we don't welcome spam.

Spammers: defenestration or simply banning them?


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Banning and deleting them! Done and done.

Here's a nice dilemma: Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich?

Sorry if you haven't been following the Republican primaries. I just find the two of them rather despicable for different reasons.

And I would consider myself a Republican if I lived in the US!

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Gingrich -- he´s more fun to watch.

The follow-up question is of course

Plague or smallpox

(sarcastic undertones are deliberate)

I walk through the dry hills
I hold the little girl's hand
I wrestle the wildfire
I share the pain
Because if not I, who? If not now, when?


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LOL lol

Mechanurg wrote:

Gingrich -- he´s more fun to watch. )

He is!

Anyway -- smallpox, I think, is slightly less annoying so the lesser of two evils?

Would you prefer ...

Living as a Tsar in Russia or an Emperor in China?


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Emperor in China, i have a thing for the orient.

''What's more important, the data or the jazz? Sure, sure, 'Information should be free' and all that- but anyone can set information free. The jazz is in how you do it, what you do it to, and in almost getting caught without getting caught. The data is 1's and 0's. Life is the jazz. ''
Datatech Sinder Roze, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Arthur C Clarke


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And now for your question tongue


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Necromancing this thread:

Who would win the fight: Thor or the Hulk?

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Ooh, there's too many types of Hulk, so I'll go for Thor and his big hammer - he is a God, after all.

Sarkozy or Hollande?

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be