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NAME and RANK: Stirling, Commodore Adler John

POSITION: Commanding Officer

APPEARANCE:: Standing only 5'4.5" tall, with dark hair and deep brown eyes, Stirling is powerfully built, weighing in at 180 lbs. He is handsome in a rough fashion, having grown up in the highland hills of Scotland, and is 43 years old.

BIO/BACKGROUND: Born and raised in the Scottish highlands to a German mother and Scottish father, Stirling has always been a bit of a brilliant rogue. At age 17 he graduated from secondary school in Scotland, and was known for his penchant for brilliant pranks and intelligent mischief--nothing was ever proven, of course.

He immediately left for America, to earn degrees in Government and Physics at Harvard University, graduating in 1879. With no clear career in mind, he joined the Star Navy on a whim and was commissioned as an ensign at age 21.

His record indicates a brilliant commander and motivator of people, with a tendency to work outside of the book and even against regulations if necessary to get the job done. He tends to separate his personal and professional lives but cares deeply for his crew and officers, and can be friendly with them outside of strict work environments. He holds a number of high commendations, as well as a few letters of reprimand from his superiors.

Long ago, in his twenties, he was married, but his wife was killed in a tragic accident. Since then he's had a number of intimate relationships, but has ended them all before marriage.

OTHER NOTES: Stirling has commanded ships since he was a Lieutenant Commander, starting with small frigates and working his way up to, now, the Vanguard. Has has spent a tour with a Marine regiment acting as a Company Executive Officer, and two years of his service record are deeply classified.

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I hope this is alright... Sorry if its rough, I am not in a position of good internet or typing. So, is it approved or do there need to be changes?

NAME and RANK: Lieutenant Samuel Mortimer

POSITION: Security Officer

APPEARANCE: Tall, edging slightly over 6 feet, slim and muscular. Has pale skin, well kept fair blond hair and blue-green eye. 
He has a thin, stern face. His most notiable feature is a metal implant over where his left eye would be, marked with an opaque violet lense. The edges of scars can be made out around the device. Besides this disfigurement, Sammuel is a rather handsome 31 year old human male.

BIO/BACKGROUND: Samuel Mortimer was one of the first children born on one of the first Lunar colonies, Port Arthur. His parents were Lunar miners, simple but hardworking people. Like many Moon pioneers they succumbed to the natural danger of their new home, dying in a localized system structure failure. Samuel was raised by various relatives, learning a variety of spacer trades and skills. He applied for the Marines as soon as he was old enough as a way to get off his dreary home colony. He served with distinction on Mars and some time attatched to a unit
In which was a certain Adler Stirling. They served together for a time, including during two classified years, during which, in unknown circumstances, Samuel lost his eye, and develped a strong loyalty towards Stirling.

While Stirling is outgoing and impulsive, and Samuel is careful, reserved and methodical, Samuel has remained with Sterling after their service, joining him as guard and aide and later as his Security Officer. At this role he is efficient and incredibly detailed, as well as, when the times arise, swift and merciless. Besides organizing security, he himself, despite or perhaps because of his ocular implant, is a deadly shot. Though very by the book, he has shown tendency to take Stirling's commands over all, even those from a higher rank.

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Approved, besides the spelling of "Stirling". Spell it the proper Scottish way! wink

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NAME and RANK: Mendoza, Lieutenant  Francisco O
POSITION:Science Officer (can also double as security)

APPEARANCE:: (height, weight, hair color, eye color, general description)
The young Mendoza, while apparently unassuming is extremely capable and efficient. Standing at a mere 5'6 he is quite broad, 180 lbs, with curly shoulder length black hair and deep brown eyes. Medium brown complexion, like that of baked clay.  Extremely nonstandard, anti-authoritarian due to his rigorous upbringing influenced by a noble family.
The Mendoza line was one of the first of Spaniard nobility to live in Mexico after the defeat of the so-called "savages". Francisco's great-great-great grandfather took to them well, and so treated them kindly. His noble blood pumped through the Mendoza veins, it was said. However, it was unkown at the time, that he had a child, born of blood from the people the Spaniards had thought to be subjugated.
A blemish, they called it. Francisco's hair and skin color was proof that this was not so. His family treated him as all Mendozas thought of themselves-as the nobles proud they once were. Young Francisco thought nothing of nobility but old tired men playing at a game that was passing.
The young man set out on his own, at the age of 16 fleeing his family and his heritage, to find what he felt was lost. Traveling through Mexico, South America, Central America, he studied with the curanderos, the shamans. Witch doctors. Saw things man was never meant to see
Understood things perhaps left best unsaid. He returned to his familial home a changed man, perhaps better. Perhaps not..

Francisco Mendoza is an expert botanist and biologist. He has knowledge of anatomy, cursory knowledge of physiology as well as studying for a Doctoral degree in psychology. He is also an expert in hand to hand combat.
He was "recommended" to join the Academy by his father, a proponent of military education who felt his son would "find himself" better there. He graduated in a timely fashion, with honors, before applying to a correspondence Doctorate program and requesting to join the crew of the Vanguard.
OTHER NOTES: See the upcoming post of Francisco's life prior to boarding the Vanguard in the Emporium.

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Ah, to note, on the first page, we should remove Security Officer as open and put in Flight Commander and, probably, XO.

Just a thought.

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Kinich, that's approved. Feel free to join the meeting already in progress. :-)