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Wagner would fit, I think. And since the cold war is mentioned, that was a war between east and west and the east part of music should not be forgotten. I do think Nautilus Pompilius would fit in there, even though the music is more modern than the cold war.

Music like this might fit as well. Very punky sound effects.

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Necromancing this topic it seems.

La Mer/Somewhere beyond the sea seems to fit the genre, and if I recall was part of the Bioshock Sountrack.

Now, can someone with good french skills enlighten me?

Is 'Somewhere Beyond the Sea' a direct/close translation of La Mer? or is La Mer about the love of the sea and the Bobby Darren song about a lover beyond the ocean?


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Steiner wrote:

Necromancing this topic it seems.

Thread-necromancy is always a good thing.

As for La Mer or Beyond The Sea, it seems the lyrics are quite different.  He's my attempt at translating the original French text:

That one sees dancing along the clear gulfs
Has reflections of money
The Sea
The reflections change
Under the rain

The Sea
With the sky of summer confuses
Its white moutons (I think that means "sheep" but it doesn't make much sense.)
With the so pure angels
The sea shepherdess of azure

Close to the ponds
These large wet reeds
These white birds
And these rusted houses

The Sea
It is rocked
Along the clear gulfs
And of a love song
The Sea
With rocked my heart for life

Here's a music video of Trenet's Le Mer on YouTube, by the way:

I'm more fond of Bobby Darron's version though:

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Thank's Ottents you've solved something I've been curious about for some time!

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I will be putting together a compilation of dieselpunk-related music or simply music fitting to the scene, from varied sources - some modern and some old, it is to rival an already existing comp made by a dieselpunk fan who used a lot of 80s mod tracks. Will post more once I'm done with the article wink

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I look forward to seeing that Piecraft.
I'm sure I'm not the only one with a playlist on their Media Player which could be described as Dieslepunk.

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I was thinking od putting together volumes from other fans - so we could have Piecraft's Dieselpunk vol. 1 and then Steiner's Dieselpunk vol. 2 smile and eventually make a torrent file or downloadable from here perhaps? I was going to name the comp Dieselpunk - 'Musica Futurista Enharmonica'

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I pretty much just take my que from channel 4 on XM Radio and the blog ^_^

Let's see what I have on my "oldies" playlist...

Louis Armstrong
The Dorsey Brothers
Maurice Chevalier
Al Jolson
Benny Goodman
The Sons of the Pioneers
Duke Elington
Edith Piaf
Ella Fitzgerald
Wilf Carter
Chester Gaylord
Glen Miller
Les Brown
Paul Robeson
Roy Rogers
Paul Whiteman
Vera Lynn
Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
Woody Herman
a whole bunch of just random things picked up off of compilation (to the tune of about 260 songs), some Disney soundtracks from the 1930's and 40's (Snow White, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Song of the South), and for something modern retro, the Puppini Sisters.

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HildeKitten wrote:

I love Jazz, especially experimental avant-garde Jazz smile

Agreed! I love experimental/progressive jazz and other experimental/progressive music (like metal or rock) with jazz elements. Classic jazz is also good - it makes me feel like I'm living in my grandmother's era smile

Piecraft, I can't wait to listen to this compilation of yours!


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Indeed, that's something to look forward to!

There's some names in your list there Cory I like to.  Piaf, Fitzgerald, Duke Elington... they're all good.  Vera Lynn and Louis Armstrong too, though I don't care much for Glen Miller.  Other names I'm not familiar with though, so I'll try and listen to some of those!

Some more to consider:

* Nancy Wilson
* Sarah Vaughn
* Django Reinhardt