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Why who would have thought the Japanese of all people, probably living in the most cyberpunk-ian country in the world, to maintain the most steampunk in their Disney park!  big_smile

Jack wrote:

As it turns out, my friend has already posted some images from her recent trip to Disneyland on her deviantArt account. These are linked with her permission:

It seems your friend has quite some more imagery on display that ought to appeal to us!  Some wonderful photos indeed!


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She does quite a bit of steampunk jewelry and photography, but most of it seemed off-topic for this thread. smile She does have the pictures I wanted to show you of the displays inside the Indy ride, she just needs to upload them, so hopefully I will have them for you today.


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Typical the Japanese, always doing something we wouldn't expect.  Aside from doing things we would expect of course haha smile

One day I shall visit Mysterious Island, and when I do, I shall take many a picture and share it with you all smile

Until then, it'll be pictures from Disneyland Paris.

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Autopia: the dinky little cars we were talking about earlier in this thread (yes I photographed them especially for you guys).



Orbitron: Machines Volantes






"Sign" at the entrance of Discoveryland.
Sometimes, although very seldomly, it rotates.  I've only known it to do this once though, and that was when I took this picture.




Discovery Arcade:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/houseofsec … 5353124200

http://www.flickr.com/photos/houseofsec … 353124200/

These two last pics are really best seen in a larger format, so I figured that putting up the links would be best smile


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Those cars are lovely!  big_smile  I'd never seen those--or at least, I can't remember seeing them.  They're adorable! 

The Orbitron is, of course, the finest steampunk contraption.  Similar devices should be placed on every square throughout Europe.   Same goes for that lovely lamp.  Another Discoveryland-characteristic I hadn't picked up on before. 

Thanks for sharing these photos.  It makes me want to go to Disneyland again!  wink


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They really did a marvelous job on Discoveryland and the Discovery Arcade.

Mind you, a lot of the cast members that work in Main Street USA wear wonderfully steam costumes too.  Or at least they would if the outfits wouldn't be either very bright or candy coloured O_o

If you ever want to use anything of this for your website Ottens, you are more than welcome to.  Just poke me and I'll give you the direct url so it doesn't eat your own webspace.  Flickr is brilliant when it comes to hotlinking big_smile


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I'm not quite sure if photographs would be entirely appropriate amidst the artwork in my galleries, but I do think they beg for an entry on the front page!  wink


One might not quite expect to find an awful lot of steampunk in Disneyland, but at least its resort in our part of the world, that is, in Paris, France, offers an impressive number of attractions that might be labeled “steampunk.”

This picture, of the Astro Orbitor in front of the Jules Verne-inspired Space Mountain, was shot just the other day by esteemed Smoking Lounge member, Miss HildeKitten, who shared with us photographs of her trip to Euro-Disney at the forums, as well as through her Flickr galleries.


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Awww *blushes*
Thank you so much Ottens, that's wonderful smile



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Well I've taken a LOT more steampunk and dieselpunk photos during my last trip to Disneyland Paris.  So I've decided to make a set on my flickr page, just for those photos smile

Click here if you want to see them


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Lovely! I'll be taking a closer look at the pictures once I'm done with this wiki-business wink