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The miniature glasses are quite lovely and indeed perfectly befitting of an airship pirate!

Might we compel you to take a photograph of your recently-acquired leather pilot's helmet, for I'm quite curious about its appearance (though I'm sure it looks splendid!)

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What a purse! Wherever did you find that lovely thing?

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Col. Adrianna Hazard wrote:

What a purse! Wherever did you find that lovely thing?

Found it at a local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.

I'll try to get a picture of the pilot's helmet this weekend.

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No pictures yet of the helmet, but here's today's lucky thrift store find:


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Pretty boots!
I found my steampunk boots and my bf's at Shuh ^__^





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Two of my favourites:



I need new photos of my goggles, though. I've repainted them to be more brassy since I last took photos.


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"Gearring"?  I think you have just invented a new word!

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Hmmm, I was pretty sure that the jewelry designers at TSF have been using it for a while. However, if I recall correctly, I was the one to suggest it all those months ago...

Mahariel and Hildekitten, you both have lovely taste in boots! Boots are my favourite type of footwear big_smile


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I love boots, I couldn't imagine my life without them! (bar when they hurt my feet of course)

Gearrings has been around for a while now Ottens, I've heard it on lj the first time a couple of months ago, but it remains a most excellent word smile


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In that case, I suppose I should frequent the more fashion-oriented communities of steampunk more.  wink

Still, I'd prefer to attribute the invention of the word to the Colonel here.