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I think a friend of mine might actually have that same jacket in red.  I know for a fact that she bought it at H&M too, but only two or maybe three years ago. 

I definitely label your outfits "steampunk".  It might not be of the Neo-Victorian "lady"-category, but more of the "mad scientist/girl genius" type of steampunk.  wink


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I love the victorian lady look, but I've got to be realistic, I'm very klumsy and I'll just fall over my skirt all the time haha smile

H&M can be really quite good for stuff to incorporate with steampunk outfits and costumes.  I got this black cap there for less than € 5 a few weeks ago (they had them in brown too) which is perfect for steampunk outfits smile

It's amazing how much stuff shows up in mainstream shops where you wouldn't expect it.


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Someone over at "Steamfashion" posted a link to this:


Military uniform-inspired men's clothing by "Burberry".  Now I'm sure one might be able to craft a nifty steampunk outfit out of some of those!  Perhaps slightly more "dieselpunk", though, and not particularly suitable throughout the coming hot summer months...


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A peek at Ralph Lauren's spring collection reveals a deja-vu with the Roaring Twenties!

Click here


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Yeah I saw those two, there's definitely a lot of steampunk influence in there.
Only for the better really, catwalk translates to high street and high street means lots of stuff available for those looking into expanding their wardrobe for cheap.
I saw quite a few shoes in several stores that can be worn with steampunk outfits as well.

I bet it'll be something else entirely next season mind you.

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Oh, I like the footware! Maybe you started a nice fashion revival of those.
In Dutch it is "overschoenen", and my dictionary also gives "galosh" for the English word.
Dit you make them yourselves?

Just call me Jack


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See I knew spats was going to be better then the Dutch translation smile
And yes, I made them myself smile

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The very casual steampunk outfit I wore to Indy 4 earlier tonight smile
I made the shirt, bloomershorts and waistcoat myself.  The boots are from Schuh.


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Lovely!  big_smile  I don't suppose many of the remaining movie-goers were dressed so in perfect style as yourself?


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Thank you smile

Nope, they were all dressed in the usual standard spring stuff.

Lots of people were staring at me, with the release of Hellboy 2 I plan to go in full steam, just so see how badly they stare then haha (as you probably noticed, I don't mind people staring and find it amusing).