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Hello everyone,

I thought it would be a fun idea to have a place where we can show our steampunk costumes and outfits to each other.

So here it is smile

I would start off with posting pics myself but I have a question for our admin first.
Ottens would it ok to post slightly bigger (500 pixels) pictures in this topic?  It's just that with smaller pictures a lot of details in outfits tend to get lost.

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This forum seems to automatically shrink images so it doesn't stretch the page too far for anyone. That may just be my end and my modified firefox, but I think any image size should be fine.

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If you insert images wider than 350 px or so, the forum automatically cuts off the right part of the pics.  I recommend Imageshack to upload pictures;  it allows you to resize them to a width of 320 px.


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I suggest a compromise with the forum lay-out big_smile
We post our pics in the 350 tops photos with the url to the bigger versions (if people have those) underneath.  That way we can still go look at photos in a detail showing size smile

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The costume I wore for Funiversum, a really crappy anime and assorted convention in Louvain (Belgium)



It turns out the forum doesn't have much problems with these photos being in 500 pixels smile


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My costume from Elf Fantasy Fair


I've got more photos of that in my steampunk set on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/houseofsec … 973720180/

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You're also able to include links in images.  Use the following code:

[ url=http://..... ]  [ img ] http://.... [ /img]  [ /url ]

As for your outfits, I'm particularly fond of your footwear!  I regret that I'm rather ignorant with the name of the things one wraps around one's ankles, but they make a perfet addition to your outfits.  I'm also fond of the blue jacket you wear in the second photograph.  Overall, your dress is not extremely steampunk (no steam-powered levitation boots or anything like that wink) which I rather like, for it is further testament to steampunk becoming more mainstream -- which surely is a development we should all welcome!

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Those, my dear Ottens, are referred to as spats. They are, as the name suggests, for keeping spatterings of dirt off your shoes.

Hildekitten, I really like your outfits - especially the grey and black one!

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Spats, indeed!  Why, thank you very much  smile  I didn't even know the Dutch word, so that's why I couldn't look it up. 

I believe people should wear more of those.  Spats, that is.


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I don't think there is a Dutch word.  And if there is it's probably something really quite silly that isn't quite as good as spats smile

The blue jacket was bought in H&M literally AGES ago (it might even has been as far back as 2001).
I've made pretty much everything else myself.

Personally I think it's pretty steampunk, it's just not the standard type of steampunk outfits for women one expects smile