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I tend to agree.  While I do very much like musicals, I normally don't care much for film adaptions of them.   There's just something wrong when you're watching a movie and all of the sudden, the actors start to sing

I'm afraid I've never seen My Fair Lady, though.  It's the film adaptions of Phantom of the Opera and Chicago which I rather disliked -- though Phantom particularly is one of my favorite musicals!


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I mostly agree with you there. However, some old school, written for screen musicals are great. Singing in the Rain in particular is one of the best movies of all time.

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Over at the Art Deco Blog, some wonderful photographs of Jazz Age Hollywood stars are available. 

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Another thread necromanced!

Not exactly to talk about another Golden Era Hollywood movie star, but show you rather that you two can be photographed as one!

A Mr Roger James has people photographed in classic Hollywood style!  And quite stylish they look indeed!



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Can't believe I didn't see this thread before the necromanccery!

On my bookshelf there is an old book called 'A pictorial History of the talkies' I never paid it any interest until we moved house to the new place and then I discovered it wasn't about Talkie (in southern england) at all! but of the movies and stars from the begining of the talking motion picture!

My favorite must surey be Errol Flynn. I recently brought five of his films in a boxed set and their still great! He's a film hero of mine!


As is Clark Gable!


David Niven also:


Robert Mitchum:


And of course the starlets;

Bette Davis


Rita Hayworth


hedy Lamarr


Gene Harlow



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I recently posted a picture of Robert Mitchum in the "Trench Coat" thread.  I don't know from which film it is though.  Maybe you might be able to identify it?

Lovely picture BTW!  Especially the one of Rita Hayworth is quite gorgeous.  Though that photo of Clark Gable makes him look rather evil...

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My guess is it's 'Baby I don't care' but I could be wrong.


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Little-known actress Grace Valentine portrayed by great GG Baine. 1920
More Here

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Very 1920s indeed!  Lovely photographs---though I must admit I've never heard of this Miss Valentine.


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Some pictures of the Rat Pack:

Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, and Frank Sinatra

Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, and Joey Bishop

Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin and Sinatra