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Like I said in the entry: Tower of Terror wink

I quite like it, it's kindda ecclectic smile


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I got that, but I wanted to know what the "Tower of Terror" iswink 

I looked it up, and apparently there's different Towers of Terror in each Disney park.  Here's a pic from the one in California:


It's quite alike the Paris version but there's some subtle differences in architecture.


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Some pictures from Forth Worth:

These depict what was once the Texas & Pacific train station, nowadays known as the Trinity Railway Express station.



And a photo of the Kress and Sinclair buildings


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This is the Boerentoren in Antwerp, the oldest skyscraper on the European mainland:


Then, there's Brutalist architecture, which isn't difficult to picture in a Dieselpunk alternate history:



After the strikes on the previous headquarters, the Empire now houses two of its ministries in these... Okay, they're  library and a computer science building, respectively.


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That Boerentoren is a splendid deco building!  I suppose that's a good reason to travel down to Antwerp some time soon, eh? 

As for Brutalist architecture, the Geisel Library might feature excellently in some dieselpunk story, set in America, probably, though the latter building seems rather more Cold War Soviet style and perhaps is rather too out of style to go well with deco and all.


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I'll meet up with you in antwerp if you like smile


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Lots o'thanks for the Boerentoren!

Qui audet adipiscitur

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I don't know how well this one will turn out, but its an old (though still functioning) ore dock in Marquette and at night it looks like a landing pad (zeppelins, aeroplanes, spaceships ect.) I took this pic from a moving car in a snow storm and I fairly proud of it


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That's a nice photograph indeed!  Rather film noir-esque.


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There is, of course, also the Horta House, build by the famous architect Victor Horta.