Topic: History of The Gatehouse

I've written a history of The Gatehouse that includes browsable archives of previous iterations of the site.

It all got started in 2004-05, when I added steampunk content to my personal website. Click here or on the picture above to browse that version.

The name The Gatehouse premiered in 2008. I also bought my first domain that year: Click here to browse an archive of the 2008 version.

In 2009, we switched to a blog. Up until then, the site had been hand-coded.

Most of the content from the first blog has been lost, because we later switched to a different software. I'm working on restoring some of that content, though, using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to retrieve posts.

Between April 2010 and October 2011, The Gatehouse existed as a picture blog on Tumblr.

Everything since October 2011 is now available at Never Was.