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A rather terrifying movie that was, I'd say!

Colonel, it seems that we entirely neglected to with you Happy Birthday, thus hereby!  big_smile

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Oh, yes, I was remiss as well!   I hope you had a Very Happy Birthday!

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Why thank you! I had a very happy birthday, indeed, having finally reached the legal drinking age for Ontario tongue


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In that event, I raise a glass to you, Colonel!  wink

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I raise a non-alcoholic glass to you!  I shall be reaching my 21st birthday, the legal drinking age in US, in May.

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One of my favorite stores in going out of business.  It is a store that carries many handicrafts and antiques from many places such as Morocco, Egypt, Indian, and China with a fair trade policy of course!  I went to their warehouse this weekend to purchase some beautiful things at heavily discounted prices.

I got some other things, but these are the items I got for myself:  A bedspread with a patchwork of sari fragments,  a 17 inch Moroccan lantern with multicolored glass panels, a hand carved wooden bowl from Egypt that I think is antique (or at least old) due to the signs of age and wear to the wood.

I also recently acquired part of a vintage wooden library card catalog.

So after much rambling, I present pictures!
http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d74/Q … ing%20Room


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It's too bad that they're going out of business, but a great opportunity indeed to buy stuff at discount prices!   You've managed to find some very colonial, Lawrence of Arabia, items -- I'm particularly fond of the Moroccan lantern.

Also, those vintage posters you have in your collection there are adorable!  The one of The New Yorker with the zeppelin is one I'd never seen before, and I don't think there are many "Join the Air Service!" posters out there anymore!

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I swear, I'm absolutely addicted to music that successfully merges two completely different styles of music together.

I haven't seen "Last of the Mohicans" in its entirety at all, but I LOVE it's theme music. There's just something about the mix of Irish/Celtic violins with a heavy Native American undertone that really speaks to me.

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Thank you Ottens!

The lantern is my favorite too!  I've wanted one like it for so long.  I managed to hang it in my window today and I love it!  The sunlight shines through the rainbow colored glass beautifully!

As for the vintage posters.  I must regretfully say that they are reproductions, most likely done in the 1970s, but very faithful ones!  The American and German posters I gave to my boyfriend this last Christmas as he is in love with all things airship related.  The one from the New Yorker I kept for myself.  It so deliciously deco, I love the bold lines and the use of color.

My sitting room is turning into a strange mixture of styles . . .

What I did today:
I have a pair brown glass apothecary jars ($1 each I think) that I got at a thrift shop a few months ago.  I recently purchased a group of 5 vintage poison labels ($4) from an online store that always carries lovely old ephemera.  After receiving them in the mail, I gleefully glued one onto each of the bottles.  However, I was sad to discover I had three leftover labels and no more jars onto which I could put them.  The jars do look nice sitting next to my brass candlesticks though.

Still feeling exceptionally unwell today.  I will make an attempt to write creative prose in the RPGs.  No promises though.


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I'd bought some small glass jars a while ago and filling them with alcohol made them look a bit creepy.  I neglected to reproduce some vintage-looking labels, which I had planned to do, though.

And the New Yorker poster's my favorite too! wink