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Hello everybody,

long story short: I have started making plans for a plan (yes, exactly) for a European Steampunk/Dieselpunk Convention. We need to get something going outside the US/CA and UK.
Tentative date is Spring 2012 at the earliest, probably later. I just wanted to announce this in case someone wants to help with the planning.


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That's epic!
Where are you thinking about holding the con Marcus?
I can always try to design a logo or somesuch if you like?
You have my email right?

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Hey Hilde,

actually, I don't know where, yet. I was actually thinking we could do it in severeal locations and hook up via streams (video, twitter, skype, google+ hang outs).
Some friends of mine (mostly from Germany and Austria but also Pip Ballantine, the author of Phoenix Rising) have signalled their interest. We would probably have a location in the Frankfurt area and Vienna, but it does not need to be in a German-speaking area at all.
I am posting a call on my blog and Lavie Tidhar will also post something on the WorldSF Blog.
Let's see, right now it's the pre-planning phase.
And YES, PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE design a logo. I've got the website URL already but there is nothing on it yet.


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You have my email right?
Drop me a line so we can plan it out properly so I know what you want exactly (or at least have a better idea) and then I can start drawing for you smile

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I can't believe it! The people from
a) have responded and
b) are interested in the project



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Actually Paris has some really good convention centers.  I don't know how expensive they are but there's villepins where they hold Japan Expo (amongst others) and then there's the Sequoia Lodge one of Disneyland Resort Paris.

That's the only ones I know of off hand, I'm sure there's tons more in France.

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We have people from Norway! Yay!

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Marcus I read the entry on your blog and I talk with a friend who lives on Spain, ¿What do you need exactly and how can someone put in contact with you if they want to be in?

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Well, to me the French city of Nantes appears to be the appropriate place: … _Verne.jpg

I walk through the dry hills
I hold the little girl's hand
I wrestle the wildfire
I share the pain
Because if not I, who? If not now, when?

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European Steampunk Convention? This is very interesting.
I'm from Italy I'll try everything to participate.