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The summer and third anniversary edition of the Gatehouse Gazette has fashion, reviews, Hispanic Steampunk and Victorian seaside resorts!

Andrew Bennett is back with what is the seventh chapter in his novel  Fearless. Hilde Heyvaert went to see a Dr Who exhibition in London and we present Araceli Rodríguez who is the chief editor of the Spanish language steampunk magazine El Investigador. He will tell you all about the state of steampunk
outside the Anglosphere, particularly in the Hispanic world.

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Thanks to Marcus for posting our release at his blog:

I particularly recommend the essay “Iberoamerica: The Lost World”, an introduction to the Steampunk scene in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking parts of the Americas.

So, get out your deck chair, mix yourself a cool drink and enjoy the latest issue of the Gatehouse Gazette!

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One feature I always look forward to indulging in is the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette!

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POsted at this steampunk blog, not sure what language it is.

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Ottens wrote:

POsted [url= this steampunk blog[/url], not sure what language it is.

The link is wrong
I just check the site: … te-19.html

with Google traslate and it saids it is "Estonian"

I want to belive it.

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Estonian? I didn't realize they had their own language. Fixed the link by the way, thanks.

The Gazette was also mentioned at Il Grande Avvilente, an Italian blog.


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