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Well, I saw Insidious two days before it came out.  Well, I was the security at the sneak preview so I was not so much watching it as watching the audience watch it to make certain that it wasn't pirated, but I did watch some of it and I got to listen to all of it.

Now let me say this about scary movies, American scary movies don't scare me, they might startle me, but they don't scare me.  Only two horror movies have succeeded in getting a reaction out of me before this, 1923's Nosferatu (German) and 2003's Ju-on: The Grudge (Japanese).  Nosferatu managed to give me the chills with the scene where there's a long dark hall way and at the far end there was Count Orlock, and they cut to the close up.  That was freaky, I liked it.

Ju-on was a different story I watched that movie at high noon on a clear June day with the windows open and all the lights on there was a scene there that caused me to spend the rest of the day and well into mid-night watching Marx brothers clips and MST3k on you tube to make me try and forget what I just saw.

Ju-on: The Grudge remains the scariest movie I have ever seen.  Insidious is a not so distant second.

(There maybe some vague spoilers at this point.)

They say what is scary is the unknown, the unseen, for me and movies, it is less so.  If you're selling me a ghost story, I expect to see a ghost.  Same goes with vampires, werewolves, demons, aliens, and the like.  Who would see a zombie movie if you ever saw a zombie in it?

And by see it I don't mean for a split second and then nothing.  I don't want a jump scare, sure it'll startle me, but it won't scare me.  This is where many American made horror movies fail; it's all about the jump scare or the whack job with a k-bar.

If you want to scare me get the creepy thing on screen and let me get a good look at for a couple seconds.  And if all it does is open its mouth you're on the right track.  And even with the unseen the right sound in the right scene can raise the pucker factor of a scene, something like someone off screen racking a shotgun.

Insidious did this very, very well.  There are still however moments that I was not a fan of.  Like other American made horror flicks there is a strong leaning to do Jump scares and as I said earlier I'm not a fan of those.  Not even the sound of them, scaring me means raising my pulse, not causing a heart attack.

And there were a couple scenes where I wanted to step through the screen and smack one of the characters till the stupid fell out, and shout "Take the nickel tour on your own time, you have a job to do!"  And leaving the theater I was wondering why no one thought to astrologically project this poor shmuck a .45.

This movie is basically "Poltergeist".  Some things are changed, some are added, some are deleted, and some concepts are expanded and stretched.  But yeah, it's "Poltergeist", right down to the comic relief in the form of the paranormal investigators.

The ending was also predictable, when I heard that one of the guys making the movie also made "Paranormal Activity", I had a good guess what the end was going to be like, and I was not wrong.  As to what exactly the ending was I had it figured out during the big chase scene.  I could see that they were going for a twist ending, but it didn't really work out that way.  In the end if you want to see a scary movie I really have no hesitation recommending it.

On a side note, who knew that demons were such an Ironic bunch?  I expected the soundtrack to Hell to be a live performance of Black Sabbath, or Cradle of Filth's Cruelty and the Beast album.  I never would have guessed that it was Tip-toe through the Tulips by Tiny Tim.

As an addendum, I would like to add that one American movie did have a scene that did creep me out.  That scene would be the spider walk scene in "The Exorcist".  You can tell me all day long that there is nothing wrong, but the second someone spider walks down a flight of stairs the only thing you'll see of me is an optical illusion because I just ran at the speed of light to get as far away from that location as possible.  On that note the humanoid creature crawling along the wall in "Insidious" was kind of creepy, but it wasn't exactly "I'm the hell outta here!" creepy.  It might have been because this was during the climax.

I'm going to need a bigger stick.

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Ooer, might give this a look in. Looks like it was done by the guys from the first Saw movie so it might just be the ticket smile

Sorry, left the Falcon in the Bentley. Right now, you answer to my Ronson T-T.

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I like the David Lynch movies. These are the closest things to scary that I have seen. The Stephen King movies are more suspenseful than scary.

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The scariest film I have ever seen was "Psycho". I had to shut off the TV and walk out into the sunshine to wind down. The Old Master knew how to do the job.

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I don't actually want to see it because I dislike ghost movies, that's probably the only thing that does scare me movie wise.
Murnau's Nosferatu scared the proverbial crap out of me when I first saw it, I will happily admit to that!

My dad saw Yu-On and all the other Asiamania horror movies that came out around that time.  To this date he's still wondering what the fuss is about.  Yes my dad is a bit weird like that.