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Tuesday and Wednesday you can download my alternate French Revolution novel The Game Called Revolution on Kindle for free. This isn't the .pdf I made available a while back, but the actual ebook on Amazon.

Amazon link: … amp;sr=1-2

Amazon UK link: … amp;sr=1-2

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Just posted a review of Mit Sandru's quirky sci-fi novella Folding Reality on my blog.

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Just posted a mixed review of Lavie Tidhar's steampunk novel Camera Obscura on my blog.


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Hey guys, it's been... quite a long time since I was last here. And I'm kind of just here to do some shameless promotion, but it's for a legitimate steampunk book written by a (semi) legitimate person - me!

I actually posted an EXTREMELY rough version of the first chapter of this book a very long time ago, so I can't thank you guys enough for the support I got at the very beginning of this journey.

Allow me to present: Etched in Soul and Skin

The Sky Demons are coming...

The Sky Demons have hunted Adanna's tribe for centuries, kidnapping people in vicious nighttime raids and disappearing without a trace. Her life has been one of deprivation and loss, always striving to keep one step ahead of relentless attackers.

Erik is the newest soldier in a secret military, one dedicated to keeping his steam-powered city in the air. Only a select few know the dark secret of his flying home. It's not their technology that keeps it aloft, but the magic that flows in the veins of the people who live below them. He has been trained for one purpose: to hunt and retrieve human beings.

Captured and almost turned into a living battery, Adanna is rescued by the very man who imprisoned her.  In her, he sees a chance at redemption. In him, she sees a chance to escape. And maybe get a little revenge for the years of terror the 'sky demons' have inflicted on her.

Follow this link to the publisher's site.

Also on Amazon

And Barnes and Noble

People seem to enjoy it, so I hope you guys do as well. big_smile


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I'd be happy to write a review for it for The Gatehouse blog if you could get me a kindle copy (mobi file) Actaeon smile My email is hildekitten at gmail dot com smile

In other news, here's a review of "Casino Royale" by Simon R. Green. For the fans of James Bond esk spy games and old skool espionage with a supernatural twist smile

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Got my copy of Etched in Soul and Skin. I look forward to reading it.

Also: just posted a review of Devon Monk's steampunk novel Dead Iron: The Age of Steam on my blog.

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Etched in Soul and Skin is quite enjoyable! You can read my review on my blog.


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Wow, thanks for the kind words, guys! big_smile

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My pleasure. I look forward to reading more from you.

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Just posted a review of Craig Hallam's dystopian steampunk novel Greaveburn on my blog.