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Topic: Holding Saturn's Scythe Out-Game Thread

I thought of this interesting scenario. Is basically a steampunk time travel rpg:

                  Holding Saturn’s Scythe

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”



Around 460-370 BC: Democritos’s atom-based vision of the universe prevail over Aristot elements-based one.
1687- While elaborating his theory of gravity, Isaac Newton further Democritos’s theory to explain how gravity work. Newton’s hypothesis appear to not be unlike OTL theory of relativity…..OTL 21th century improved version of it, that is.
1690- Denis Papin conceive the first steam powered cylinder. Later, Thomas Newcomen would Improve Papin’s design for creating a engine meant for mining.
1763- James Watt improve Newcomen’s design, putting the first stone of the industrial revolution.
1783- Antoine Lavoisier, who in OTL killed elementalism and founded modern chemistry, discover radio-activity and plutonium (who in this world is known as vivanium).
1789-1799-The French Revolution.
1799- Napoleon Bonarparte destituate the chaotic French revolutionary council and proclaim himself emperor.
1806- Allesandro Volta achieve atomic fission and conceive a radiation-heated steam engine.
1811- The Iberic Peninsula campaign, the first of many Napoleon great conquest.
1814- In reaction  to the alliance between Britain and Russia against him, Napoleon commission the conception of a bomb to Volta. Three month later, two of this bombs are drooper throught balloon over London and Moscow, provoking the immediate surrender of the two greatest obstacles between Napoleon and his conquest dream. 
1820- The physicist John Dalton invent the annewtonian timebend engine, namely time travel.
The 1880’s- The present days. The Royaume Universelle D’Europe, D’Amérique du Sud et D’Acadie, his allie the United States of America ( NB: Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico,Alaska and California are French territory, as well than Canada) and the young industrialized Japan flourish under the double crown of steam and atomic energy. The cruelty of imperialism and the hope of science still the two side of the industrial medal but a other conflict scar this world, a conflict who span over all history. Diverging opinions over how the timebend engine should be use give birth to three factions perpetually fighting on three battleground: past, present and futur.

                               The Factions
The Ministére du Temps and The US Federal Transchronical Bureau: Their mission is to assure than nobody broke the fragile web of time and than time travel serve only to archeological studys . They arrest any time pirates they surprise, no matter their intentions. After all, like the Ministére du Temps’s highest authoritys keep remind young trainees  ‘’L’enfer est pavée de bonne intentions’’ (Hell is paved with good intentions).

The Club Responsables: Why spoil such a power than time travel to mere observations? Why can we repair the mistakes of the past?  Here the philosophy of the group known as the ‘’responsables’’ (prununcied the French way).  Motivated by the social philosophy of peoples like Victor Hugo or Charles Marx (Karl Marx) , they think themselves as saviors and no matter colleterals , like someone being erased out of history , only the common fate count.

Time criminals: Those who want to use time travel for selfish reasons or, even worse, terrorism. Unlike the two others, this factions is not a organized group, but only a category of time pirates much less nobles than the responsables .

I have only a very basic of what the plot could be ( Time police and Responsable vs one or many time criminals ) so it basically one of the thing what we had to discuss first if you interested to play.

''What's more important, the data or the jazz? Sure, sure, 'Information should be free' and all that- but anyone can set information free. The jazz is in how you do it, what you do it to, and in almost getting caught without getting caught. The data is 1's and 0's. Life is the jazz. ''
Datatech Sinder Roze, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Arthur C Clarke