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This Gatehouse Gazette is for the good times! The age of Jazz and flappers; aeroplanes and deco skyscrapers, all reaching for the skies. The world was roaring in the 1920s and so is the 17th edition of your favorite steampunk and dieselpunk magazine!

Click here to download issue #17 of the Gatehouse Gazette

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Blogged and twittered, also got a retweet already. And may I say: This is the beist one yet, I think.

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Thanks Marcus!

It's already posted on Clockworker as well.

Die Zeit verfliegt und schon liegt die Ausgabe 17 der Gatehouse Gazette auf der Türschwelle des Anwesens. Seit 2008 veröffentlicht Chefredakteur Nick Ottens mit der Zuverlässigkeit einer Dieselmaschine dieses ausgezeichnete Magazin und steigert die Qualität von Ausgabe zu Ausgabe.

Pardon my French but without resorting to Google Translate, this is more or less what they're saying: "Time flies and already the 17th edition of the Gatehouse Gazette has arrived. Since 2008, chief editor Nick Ottens has been making this magazine with the efficiency/punctuality of diesel engine and its quality increases with issue after issue."

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From Daily Steampunk:

It is my opinion, issue 17 is thus far the best the Gatehouse Gazette has released. Take a look and a read. But before you click on the image below, it would be fitting to mix yourself a Martini to get in the mood.

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I'm receiving emails from people who can only see the images not the texts in the magazine. Is anyone else having this problem?


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Nope I could see everything just fine.  on all 3 machines we use here and that means XP, Vista and 7
And I use explorer and Bert uses firefox so that's two different browsers as well.

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I, too, have tried in different browsers and different operating systems. I can't imagine what the problem could be...

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Reviewed at Trial by Steam:

Although this issue is firmly entrenched in the the times that birthed Dieselpunk, there’s still some articles here that will interest Steampunks, particularly The Steampunk Wardrobe by H. Heyvaert. This issue promises to be of interest to retrofuturists across all eras, however.


And while not Steampunk in its composition, I was particularly impressed by the article The Philosophy of Dieselpunk by L. Amyett. Articles like these play a huge role in defining Dieselpunk as its own genre that stands separate from Steampunk. The insight within the article illuminates Dieselpunk in such a way that will offer an excellent introduction to its inspirations, historical roots, and mindset. Well done!

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Encountered no problems. Tried Safari and Firefox.