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The latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is released today!

Themed "Weird West", this first full color issue of the magazine is a very American one indeed. We have reviews of Wild Wild West, Nickel Children and Italian Western comic Magico Vento. Ramon Fagan, contributing for the first time, reports from Texas on steampunk at the Dickens on the Strand festival. Hilde Heyvaert is back with her Steampunk Wardrobe column as is novelist Carol McCleary with a feature about Oscar Wilde's adventures in the Old West.

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Posted by the good Dr Fabre at The Steampunk Tribune:

The latest issue of the Gatehouse Gazette, issue #16, has a focus on the American Wild (Weird) West!  With a wide range of topics, from Anachro-Capitalism in the Wild West, a review of Bioshock Infinite (the upcoming Steampunk-esque version of Bioshock), to an analysis of Nickel Children and Steampunk at Dickens on the Strand, it is replete with outstanding reading!  To indulge in the latest issue (as I will as soon as I finish posting), please turn to ...


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Yay for the new issue!
A big round of applause for everyone that contributed and Nick for putting it together!

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Excellent isuue, everybody! Blogged and twittered it.

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Thanks! From Albrecht's blog:

The first issue of the Gatehouse Gazette in 2011 is out and what a remarkable issue it is. This issues theme is “Weird West” and the cover alone puts you in the mood. Pulp Western, excellent! I have to commend Nick on the whole layout and feel of this issue. The pulp magazine style runs through the issue, including old and fitting adverts for whiskey and cigarettes.


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And thanks to Hilde for promoting the release on Tumblr, her own website, and a whole score of LiveJournals!


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you're welcome! smile

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According to Google Translate, what they're saying is:

Really looks like a renaissance in 2011, a strange time in the west, so also the Gatehouse Gazette spagettiwesternes back the good vibe.


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948 downloads of the web-friendly and 1931 downloads of the print issue so far! big_smile

(There's probably some overlap there but still, we're likely to break our record if these numbers keep up!)