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In the wake of Halloween and anticipating a winter season filled with magic and wonder, the Gatehouse Gazette explores the stranger, sometimes inexplicable facets of steampunk in this issue.

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Thanks to everyone who blogged and tweeted our release!

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The Gatehouse Gazette, one of the premiere magazines about Steampunk and Dieselpunk has released its latest issue.  This latest work has topic concerning the Battle of the Sexes (with a Steampunk perspective), turn-of-the-century Automatons, and an excellent article by the lovely Miss Hilde Heyvaert concerning the Lolita style in Steampunk and Dieselpunk, and much more!


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How many downloads have we got so far?

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1087 smile


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that's pretty good!

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1516 downloads so far!

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Letter from Lloyd Penny:

Dear Nick:

This has been a crazy month of jobhunting, Christmas shopping, and other obligations of the season, which definitely includes the inlaws. But now, so close to the big day, there is time to get a little writing done, so here are some comments on the 15th Gatehouse Gazette.

I guess the closest I am to a Disney park is the DisneyWorld resort in Florida. Last time I was actually at a Disney theme park was the original Disneyland in Anaheim in 1984. Something like the Hallowe’en Soirée would be fun to see, but for my own wants, I’d want a concentrated steampunk event to attend, like any of the many steampunk conventions that are now available.

I would hope that most of us, if not all, would want the creators of SF and steampunk, and those who help to create the publications and events that assist us in our enjoyment, to be imaginative, competent and inviting. I did not mention the gender of those creators, and will not. Both genders can do the job quite well, and they do. Our enjoyment is based on the Victorian era, but must not reflect women’s lack of rights and equality from that era. We can do better than that, and I hope that we are, but there is always room for improvement.

So much to read, so little time and money, so many titles that come and pass by. I have been given a copy of Mike Resnick’s first steampunk novel, The Buntline Special, and am looking forward to seeing what it’s got to say.

I must admit that it is Hilde Heyvært’s fashion column I look forward to each issue, seeing that it is still the costumes that have attracted me to steampunk the most. I’ll see if I can attach a picture with my latest costume, the steampunk mechanic. We’re finding out here just how tough it is to find good top hats and bowlers. And, greetings to Ian Brackley, who I suspect is from Canada, as are Amanda and I. (Who else would know about the T. Eaton Co.? For others, it was a major department store in Canada until it simple went bankrupt a couple of decades ago.) To find a frock coat for me these days would be difficult; I might need someone to make it for me from scratch.

Now that 2010 is almost done, 2011 will finally see a steampunk convention here in the Toronto area. We are so much looking forward to it, and while we will be working on it help make it happen, we also hope that we can see some of it, and enjoy the experience. The Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition is at the end of April 2011, and its website is at

All done for right now…Yvonne and I wish you and yours the best Christmas and New Year ever. We’ll keep writing in 2011.

Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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Please drop the nice man a note saying that this etsy milliner seems to be getting a lot of business and good reviews from steampunks over the globe.
He might find it useful smile
Certainly it's where I'll be getting my hat made when I have money smile


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I figured you all might want to know our stats for last issue before the next edition is released tomorrow.

We had 1,710 downloads in November and 512 last month, so 2,222 in total!