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I went as the Steampunk Cheshire Cat, sadly no photos yet.

And I won't start about the retards I ran into at Halloween in Disneyland Paris or we'll be here all day.

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HildeKitten wrote:

You could probably get the same effect without latex and with just bodypaint.  Of course that involves someone that can actually do bodypaint properly mind.

It does sound like an AWESOME costume plan smile
Bring on Halloween 2011!

Hmmm, good suggestion, but I already got the latex from a friend who does movie props.

Steiner wrote:

that would've been awesome big_smile, it's a shame you didnt do it, but maybe this way you're forarmed for next year?

Oh, definitely!


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my Halloween costume for this year smile


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My friend Sam's Halloween costume, he went as steampunk mad hatter.



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Hah, I love the Mickey Mouse ears!

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Yeah I like that too.


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My actual top hat was too big for him alas (it's too big for me too mind) and he didn't want to borrow my bowler hat (which does fit him) so this was the last option available (much to Sam's happiness haha).

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This outfit is too early for the steampunk and dieselpunk threads, and I will be wearing it for next Halloween, so posting it to this thread. A Marie Antoinette style dress:



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That looks lovely!  Did you make it yourself?

I've decided that since I'm going to wear my steampunk Chehsire Cat costume again this Halloween.
We're not going to some big ass party (I think I'll just host one here) and I fear that steampunk zombie hunter may be a bit too bloody for Disney during the early weeks of the season.
(also I'm not really inclined to make something I can't take apart and actually wear afterwards).

(that and I _really_ want to wear a steampunk halloween aviator costume to the first week of the DLP Halloween season haha).

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I made it in part. The overdress was originally a stage costume that I rescued from a second-hand store. It was falling apart and in desperate need of some detail work, re-seaming, re-paneling in places and embellishment. So I did that, made the pink underskirt and supportive undergarments, made the necklace, and dressed the wig with flowers, feathers and bows.