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Well it's 15 days 'till Halloween, and I see the craziest things popping up in honor of the holiday.  So I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we can post all the crazy stuff we see smile
Or the stuff we like smile

Like these candy blood bags
I'm not entirely sure what to think of them smile

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Candy blood would mix perfectly with this leftover from a military hospital, bought at a flea market some years ago:


If you start collecting doorhandles, doors may open. If you start collecting lightswitches, the light may be switched on.


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You're right it would! 

This Halloween tree is pretty cute smile
scource: Halloween in 2010 flickr group


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I like that. It would be nice for a desk.

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It's GUMMI stuff! Candy is the greatest part of the holiday. Or maybe costumes. Or parties. Or everything... okay there is no best part; Halloween is AMAZING!





Love life, have fun, and let curiosity reign!


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I want that giant gummy brain!  OMG too awesome!
I NEEEEEEEEEED one for my zombie steampunk lolita get up for the next sci-fi convention!

(ok I haven't decided yet, it's either that or steampunk starfleet officer)

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I thought the Jell-o human brain was invented by Garrison Keillor. He once told a story about the Lake Wobegone County Fair where there was a Jell-o competition. The Brain took a second place ribbon. First place went to a Jell-o rendition of da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Some felt that the brain should have won anyway; but someone, upon learning that the brain jell-o contained Rum, sampled the brain before the judging.

The Jell-o brain was green by the way. Most agree that green is the best color for a human brain.


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I ordered one of these adorable pink bat bracelets (because the black ones were sold out and pink would go so well with my steampunk cheshire cat costume as that has pink and purple in it) but fucking customs is sitting on it (hopefully not literally).  I'm hoping it'll arrive before Halloween but it doesn't seem likely *sob*


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awesome spider type pillbox hat!


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16 days 'till Halloween

kittens in a pumpkin