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The Blazing World RPG is a nation simulation game in which participants roleplay as a nation in the Blazing World region at NationStates


* How to join

* How to play

* Pricelist


* The Kingdom of Holy Indoril

* The Republic of Selemond

* The Most Serene Republic of Dystopique

* The Free Land of the Maknovists

* The Republic of Dragonback

* The Holy Empire of the Jaguar Sun

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How to join

Register with NationStates, create your own country and join the Blazing World region. Claim your spot on the map below in the Off-Topic thread and you're on!

Currently occupied:

10 - The Most Serene Republic of Dystopique, played by Ella Kremper
14 - The Kingdom of Holy Indoril, played by Ottens
19 - The Republic of Selemond, played by The V.A.P.
20 - The Free Land of The Makhnovists, played by von Adler
21 - The Republic of Dragonback, played by Chicar
22 - The Exiled State of Thiemaa, played by akumabito
27 - The People's Republic of Kuroi Pantsu, player by Neko Tal

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How to play

Players conduct their affairs of state. They can engage in alliances, enact treaties, build their military forces and wage war. Role-playing occurs in Rounds.


For each Round, players' Budgets will be calculated as follows:

GDP per capita x 1000 = Round's Budget

To determine GDP per capita, we use the NSEconomy NationStates Calculator. (GDP per capita instead of GDP is used in order not to disadvantage players with small populations.) You can influence the economic strength of your nation through the issues you are confronted with at NationStates.

Budgets will be announced at the start of each Round by the Game Master (Ottens).

Players have not to spend their entire Budget in a Round. They can save as much as they like for the next.

Military forces

Players can build up their armed forces in each Round. The whole of their Budget is considered to be their Military Budget and can be spent on purchasing hardware.

Players should announce their purchases as early in the Round as possible. In case they are attacked, they are not allowed to buy military equipment anymore!


Treaties go through the following stages. Players can engage in one step of treaty with as many other nations as they wish in one round.

* Friendship Treaty
  No commitments.
* Free Trade Agreement
  Still no commitments. (Could be for specific products only.)
* Non-Aggression Pact
  Pledge not to attack one another but can be broken.
* Defensive Alliance
  Pledge to defend one another in case of attack.*
* Offensive Alliance
  Pledge to support each other in military endeavors no matter what.

* In case one or more parties to a defensive alliance are attacked, the remaining allies are free to pledge a number of forces in support of their own choosing.

Players can break treaties in role-play but are not allowed to disengage from an alliance and attack one or all of its former parties in the same Round.

Waging war

Players can attack other countries in role-play but only after presenting their Budget.

They must announce which forces to deploy in the offensive and allow the attacked party or parties to respond in kind before the close of the Round. If the attacked party or parties do not respond before the close of the Round, it is assumed that they deploy the full force of their militaries to the border to defend themselves. (Note that this might leave them vulnerable to attack from another side!)

The offensive party or parties will have the chance to respond in the next Round and so forth until the conflict is decided.

The hostilities will be judged by the Game Master (Ottens) unless his nation is involved in the conflict in which case he will appoint a neutral party to take his place.

The respective strengths of the armies deployed will be measured against each other and determine the outcome of the round of conflict.

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The following equipment is available for purchase in accordance with the game rules stipulated in the post above.

Note that additional units will be added to the list as the game progresses.

Air Forces
War Zeppelin
Cost: $250,000
Can bomb cities and destroy land and naval forces.
Transport Airship
Cost: $100,000
Has only a fourth of the weapons as a War Zeppelin and can only defend itself against an airborne attack. Can carry a squadron or a dozen land forces.

Land Forces
Cost: $100,000
A squadron (12 tanks) can occupy a small city.
Airship Killer
Cost: $200,000
One can destroy a Transport Airship. It takes two to shoot down a War Zeppelin. Cannot attack tanks.
Mobile Fortress
Cost: $2 million
Is as powerful as a tank squadron and four times as powerful as a War Zeppelin.

Naval Forces
Cost: $250,000
Is equally powerful as a War Zeppelin.
Cost: $500,000
Is twice as powerful as a Destroyer and can carry four squadrons of land forces.

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The Kingdom of Holy Indoril

The Kingdom of Holy Indoril is a huge, devout nation, renowned for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working population is ruled by the God-King Vivec who is worshipped as living deity and immortal sovereign of Holy Indoril.

The small government juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Religion & Spirituality, Commerce and Defense. Because of the lack of business law and corporate taxes, Holy Indoril may sometimes appear to be governed by a conglomerate of multinational corporations instead. The oil and uranium mining industries along with retail are among the strongest sectors of the economy. The country exports natural resources but is dependent on the import of foodstuffs from more fertile regions of the Blazing World.

Although civil liberties, including the freedoms of enterprise and the press as well as private gunownership, are ensured by the state's indifference to social progress, political freedoms are scarce. Elections are called sporadically while the monarchy yields significant power. The unicameral parliament which meets in the capital city of Vivec on an irregular basis, is equally composed of representatives from urban centers and rural constituencies. Conservative elements prevail in national politics.

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The Republic of Selemond

The Republic of Selemond is a small nation, located between the Middelsee and the Openeaan Sea. To the North, the River Kway marks the boundary with The Makhnovists. The south of the nation is dominated by the mighty Vortan Mountains and the large Banne Lake. The country is heavily forested aside from its large, gothic designed cities. Selemond has much of its history tied to the sea.

Selemond is a Republic, having overthrown its monarchy. Civil and Political rights are fiercely defended and economic growth is encouraged.

The currency of Selemond is the Silver and the national animal is the Violet Raven.

Major cities include the Capital of Mannoberg, located on the Northwest coast, Rilleberg, located on a Peninsula on the Southeast coast, Banneoberg, located on the northern shore of Lake Banne, Corvoberg, located inland in the Southern mountains and Lunaberg in the Southwest coast, near the end of the Longe Bay.

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The Most Serene Republic of Dystopique

The Most Serene Republic of Dystopique is a curious, fast-growing nation, with its long western coast bordering the majority of the eastern Middelsee. The region is famed for its beaches of black sand and natural harbours to the west. The majority of Dystopique is urbanised, with chemical plants and oil refineries towering over the horizon, although there is a national park preserved on the eastern edge of the country. This boasts the Forest of Grimm to the north and Grand Wuthering Moors further south, both reputed to be haunted by ghasts, ghouls and other creatures of darkness.

Military service is compulsory and is credited with keeping youth crime low. Dystopique boasts a relatively secular society and to ensure that the population doesn't have problems voting, elections have been outlawed. Dystopique has a growing economy and people are generally free to do as they please, within the law and as long as they aren't, as quoted from the constitution, "dicks".

Hamsters are used as currency all across Dystopique, and the national animal is the Angry Frog in a Brick. It used to be the Furious Frog, but it was placed in a brick to curtail its temper a little.

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The Free Land of the Maknovists

Named after the great national hero, Hieronymous Makhno, whose refusal to bow down in front of the invader monarch ultimately lead to a rebellion and the formation of the Makhnovist state. The Makhnovist state (henceforth referred to as Makhnovia) is mostly located on the L?ndessaar Island and limited to the east by the Gratbergen mountain range (the highest point Geisthut reaching the height of 3450 metres). In the south, Makhnovia occupies the northern tip of Kwayden Peninsula, where it is bordered with the Republic of Seelemond by the River Kway, to the west by the Openeaan Sea. In the north, Makhnovia borders the lands occupied by <insert name here>. Apart from the western coastal plains, the land is heavily forested and hilly, and cut by many small rivers and streams - the natural habitats of the river otter, the hallowed national animal - flowing west from the mountains. The number of cities is few, the most notable being the national capital Freiburg on Kernsee Island in the Felsenenge Straits, reknowned for its parks, its universities and technical schools, where talented people from all over the world gather to study and exchange ideas.

Having freed itself from the yoke of tyrannical monarchs, Makhnovia is goverened by the Revolutionary Committee, which prepares legislation and takes care of the day-to-day business of maintaining a state, while the people are allowed to live their lives freely and with little involvement by the government. Civil rights are fiercely defended, and economic growth is encouraged, but owing to the almost religious connection of the Makhnovian people to nature, preserving it often takes precedence over industrialization. The national principle of "anarchy is order, freedom is responsibility" is taken to heart and people or corporations who break that principle are treated with extreme prejudice. Corporations found guilty of environmental crimes or exploitative practises can have all their assets seized and its board members severely punished, goverment officials found guilty of taking bribes face the firing squad, while ordinary petty criminals are often flogged in public. Murderers and other violent criminals are publicly hanged or sent off to the forced labour camps in the mountains or outlying islands, depending on the severity of their crime. However, despite these harsh punishements, criminals who show genuine remorse are often rehabilitated and can regain their citizenship status; while Makhnovians can be even cruel to their enemies or to those who betray them, they can also be truly forgiving.

The Makhnovian military force - the Revolutionary Army - is small, but well trained and organized, and gives individual field commanders at all levels much room for taking initiative and adapting to changing battlefield conditions. This superior flexibility and manouverability makes the Revolutionary Army a match for a much larger conventionally organized force. Having fought long and hard to free themselves, the Makhnovian people are fierce and proud, and any invader would do wisely to think twice before attacking; it is often said that "he who conquers Makhnovia, conquers a graveyard."

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The Republic of Dragonback

The Republic of Dragonback is a fledgling, environmentally stunning nation, renowned for its complete lack of prisons. Its hard-working, intelligent population of 6 million enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people's right to vote held sacrosanct.

The large government is effectively ruled by the Department of Religion & Spirituality, with areas such as Defence and Law & Order receiving almost no funds by comparison. The average income tax rate is 24%. Private enterprise is illegal, but for those in the know there is a slick and highly efficient black market in Basket Weaving.

Voting is compulsory. Crime is a serious problem, probably because of the country's utter lack of prisons. Dragonback's national animal is the black wildcat, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the worth credit.

Dragonback is ranked 9th in the region and 15,289th in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

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The Holy Empire of the Jaguar Sun

The Holy Empire of the Jaguar Sun was founded over a millenia ago, consisting of several independent tribes who separately were strong, but realized their strength would be greatly increased by banding together.
The 200th ruler of the Holy Empire of The Jaguar Sun is the second Kinich Ahau, or "Sun Eyed Lord". A calm and well-mannered man, he is at times intensely emotional which both awes and frightens those around him.

Rulers of the Holy Empire are given the title and rank by heritage-they are born nobles, said to be gods walking on earth. As such, they are revered and loved by their people (Even if they are tyrannical. See "Chak Sut the Obsidian Hand") However, their governmental system has evolved over the years, and they have elected officials below the god-king who answer directly to him, as well as a parliamentary system with voluntary elections.

All citizens of the Holy Empire are expected to provide some form of compulsory work to their empire and thusly, their king. Be they priests or doctors, teachers or scientists all must contribute to the further development of society. Military service, while strongly suggested is not required and it is through this system that the Holy Empire has thrived military-wise for over 500 years.
Fairly technologically and scientifically advanced, the Holy Empire ranks a high number of scientists, scholars and artisans among its ranks.
Religious and spiritual practice is an integral part of the empire's society and all citizens have similar if not the same, spiritual and religious beliefs passed down for over a thousand years.
The national animal is of course, the jaguar. They roam free in all the country, and are treated as emissaries to the gods themselves. The king has several in his court as pets as well as hunting companions. It is said that a few of the gods take jaguar form at night, and as such to honor them most often tribute is left for the jaguar gods to consume while the denizens of the populace rest peaecfully.

A mostly peaceful country, the Holy Empire of The Jaguar Sun can be force to be reckoned with, and the king himself rides into battle with his troops. Not only for morale but to remind his people that the gods are with them even then.

The empire has in the past two or three decades, sent ships of exploration across countries, over sea and land to determine who its neighbors are and if they be friend or foe as to ascertain their capacity to either aide or hinder the empire. More recently, the empire has left its affiliations with the Pacific, finding it too vast and distasteful for its preferences and has found a new place in the Blazing WOrld regions.

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