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In the very moment than the man was in safe place, Pierre reflexely touch him in search of mechanical part.

The man move his arm fastly, insulted by this subite familarity.

''I...I...am sorry'' said Pierre shamely.

For Pierre, this man smell imortal, fell imortal, taste imortal, seem imortal, but in his long life, mechanic seem to him the only way to imortality and this man is perfectly organic.

The idea than this man can be imortal disapear of his mind instantatly, but don't die.


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After the man had been carefully lowered to the ground by Roger's astral hands, he immediately seemed to relax. Arabella was in the opposite state - her normally calm demeanour had disappeared, how bothered she felt was visible.

When the wound on the man's chest began to heal itself, the bleeding slowing and the flesh starting to regrow, it startled all but her. From the moment she approached the man she knew that he was no mere mortal - she couldn't find his life force, couldn't pull the strings that would put an end to his existence because they weren't there for her to tamper with. This mysterious man must have some destiny to fulfill, she thought.


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Walter walked over, looking him up and down, moving his arm a bit, studying him as if he were a bit of text. "Well...that. That sir, is quite the extraordinary feat. Complete regeneration." Removing an odd device from his bag, it fitted tightly around his head, covering one eye, as if it were a monocle, though larger by proportion. "It would seem.." Walter continued, squinting and moving closer to this man, "That it is complete, down to a cellular level. Fascinating, fascinating indeed sir! You, well....should be far deceased, as Mr. Dupree stated. Though I suppose you are not the first of us to join who has a spot of trouble staying deceased. No need for the medical supplies. Mr. Macklin, if you would please pack those for me."

Isaac nodded and swiftly placed them in Walter's bag. He spotted an interesting object there, but left it...for now. He had more....pressing issues. How this man had gotten here, who had not previously occupied this space before, was of great interest to him. He had not been here last time. "Sir, I-I would like to know very much how you got here, and, more importantly...I am sure all of us wish to know how long you were...well, stuck there, as it were."


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Lazaras lay there waiting till the pain had subsided to a tolerable level before speaking. "I'm not sure how long I've been here. My body would regrwoto the point that awareness was possible then would die again as it could not complete the process with that rod in my chest." he slowly sat up, immidiately regretting doing so as a wave of dizzyness hit.  "I came by airship if that helps matters, shanghiged to help with the thing's boiler if that helps." He looks around, apparently calm despite waking up surrounded by strangers after an unknown time had passed for him.

"I must ask a few things though if none of you mind." he paused to take a deep lungfull of air, coughing more in supprize that he could do so rather than any lingering pain. "What year is this? When I left it was eighteen eighty five(can be changed if that's too far outside of established things)." He paused to let this sink in then added. "Seconed, is there any food to spare? Regrowing myself God alone knowshow many times till now takes a fair bit out of you. thirdly, and possibly just as importaintly...does anyone have a spare change of clothes?"


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Walter answered the man: "It's 1907, sir - you've been here a good long time. Quite impressive that you survived like this for so long, quite impressive. But excuse me for being so rude, I forgot to introduce myself. Walter Bennet at your service. And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?"

"Christ almighty... 1907? I've been not quite dead for that long?" he paused before continuing. "Julian Fawkes, nice to meet you Mr. Bennet."

Arabella interrupted the conversation and handed Julian a black set of coveralls, concern still written on her face.

"You wanted a change of clothes, Mr. Fawkes?" she asked, and he took the garment. "This should be suitably rugged for exploring the island."

"Thank you, dear lady," he replied. "Who might you be?"

"You may call me Arabella."

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Arabella. Now, is there any chance of getting some dinner as well?"

A voice carried from beside the heap of wreckage in a clear area of the courtyard. Roger was busily tending to a fire over which a collapsable metal grill had been set up. "I'll have something to fill our stomachs ready in no time," he said.

"Good man! Not eating for twenty-two years leaves you rather peckish," joked Julian.


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Julian patted what remained of his pants and frowned, "Where is it...?" He mumbled under his breath then grinned as he pulled a battered and dented hip flask from his back pocket. Just before taking a drink though he noted the distressingly large crack that ran down the middle of the thing and let loose a sigh. "Cest La Vis."


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Walter stepped over to him, handing him his flash from his bag. "Here, my good man. Might I say that your ability intrigues. Very interesting indeed. I am certain we can discuss it later, as right of this moment we are a bit busy, what with all those creatures running about. This" he motioned to his flask "Is quite a fine spirit, aged over a century. I am certain it will be to your liking."

Isaac sauntered over miserable, poking his head in "You'll need it", walking over to Tusk, and observed his cooking skills. Tusk stared at the man observing him and motioned for him to come over to the flame. "I know that it may be a bit off putting, Mr Macklin but the lizard certainly did have a great deal of meat on him. Food is not something easily aquired here, and Mr. Bennet stated it was safe for consumption. So I hope you and the rest of the group enjoy it, as I do not know how many more hot meals we may be able to consume here."

Isaac looked a bit ill, not too keen on the idea of consuming lizard...but when in Rome, he supposed. Walter turned round and walked about the camp site. "Arabella, Mr. Woolf, Mr. Macklin, Mr. Dupree....has anyone seen Mr. Smythe? I was certain he were here a moment ago, but seems to have wandered off...I shall look about for him, I feel we should all stay together. No one would need to get lost in this place, correct?" Walter walked around, searching for where Roger had gone.


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Lazaras seemed to pay the others little mind as he tried mentally to reasses things. Over twenty years, long time to be out o fthings. That would, however, explain the woman's style of dress as, last he recalled, there had been something of a sufferage movement going on so maybe it'd finally been pushed through. He did, however, perk at the mention of someone gone missing. "Yes it would be best if we all stay together." he took a small sip from the flask, made a face as it burned like the fires of hell itself in his mouth, and nodded approvingly before passing the flask back. "And you're right, we'll talk later about this. However don't think just because i can come back from getting stabbed means I can afford to lose limbs all willy nilly." He stood and dusted off. "So...shall we then?"


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Walter looked around to see if he could find a sign of Roger. He reached into his bag and pulled out what looked to be a magnifying glass. He twisted a knob on its side, and a pale blue light emanated from the glass.
Walter looked at the ground around him through the glass, and slowly turned around. Then, in the glass, illuminated by the strange light he saw the boot tracks he was looking for. He turned off the glass, and put it away. It appeared as if Roger had headed off through a tangled field of large boulders.
  Walter started to follow the tracks, when he heard...
  Walter looked up and saw Roger waving to him from a distance away, standing on top of a boulder.
There was that odd blurring again, and in a score of seconds Roger was beside him..
  "Ah, Walter, I was coming back to find you, I have something deuced strange to show you..
"I had thought to see if I could find some more palatable meat than lizard, and thanks to that relic, I can now use my powers of speed more easily, and without the deathly fatigue it once caused.  About a mile away, there is an oddity you should see.  If you would care to try an experiment, I believe I can get us there in a trice. I feel that if I can lift you as I did our mysterious friend with my Astral hands, I can  carry you at speed, albeit reduced, and save us  much time"
  Walter nodded agreement, and found himself gently lifted until he was apparently floating, as if carried in Roger's arms.
   "Ready then?"
It seemed to Walter that he was floating inside a bubble, the world moving towards and then past him as if in a dream, speeded up to a degree that seemed impossible, yet he felt no wind.
  In a minute or so they were there, standing at the base of what appeared to be a cliff.
"Not to bad, at all, though I dare say I could not carry much more" said Roger, lowering Walter gently..
"Hear that?" Roger asked.. "Listen closely, near the ground"
  Walter knelt and gasped in astonishment.
"That's what I thought too" said Roger "Sounds rather like pumping, doesn't it, or a giant heart.  But wait, there is more you should see"
  Roger moved to the cliff face, and using his Khyber knife, started to cut away the vines and creepers that covered the face. In a short time, he had exposed...
"Yes, my dear Walter, it looks to be a cave, but did any cave ever have am opening so regular? And did any cave ever open up into such a corridor as that?"  Roger pointed with outstretched arm..
  "A moment then.." Roger knelt and took something from his pack. there was the sound of water, as he poured from his canteen. There was a hiss, and a sudden flood of bright white light..
  "Carbide lamp, of course" Roger said, but with a small pumping handle to pressurize air and mix it with the flame, well, much brighter for such a small lamp"
  Roger shone the lamp into the entrance... The glare showed strange patterns in the rock, which gleamed oily and metallic in the light..
  'Deuced odd rock, I'd say, but that's not the half of it.. Look here.." Roger knelt and tugged at a loose slab of rock, lifting it free and swinging it away from the floor...
  Walter knelt, looked down into the deepish cavity and his expression became one of shock and surprise..
"Aye, I though that would surprise you, my friend" said Roger  "Ive never seen a cave that had , well, plumbing for lack of a better word.. Pipes,and pistons and valves, and they all look, well, grown, rather than assembled.. Shocked me, I can tell you.. There's more odd stuff littered about further in, and what appear to be doors and sealed windows on the inside wall of that corridor. I think we should head back to camp and have a council of war, I think there is more to this island than it seems"
  They stepped outside,  Roger put away his lamp, and then once again 'lifted" Walter...
Within a few minutes they walked into the campsite....