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"You may wonder what qualifies a woman such as myself to find herself in the company of such extraordinary characters,"  said Mina,  "and I fear that I cannot quite answer that question."  She sighed to herself and looked around the room to face each of her comrades.  "I possess none of the remarkable gifts you each do.... I can only tell you that my years of experience with Military Intelligence have provided me with a certain insight and understanding in the workings of this world..."

"Mr Woolf, for one,"  she continued, beckoning toward Tusk,  "is an extraordinary skilled marksman, able to yield any weapon and fire-arm...  Mrs Woolf is without question the finest pilot I've ever met, which is why I agreed to take her on board without any hesitation.  She can steer our ship through great peril, and is quite able with a fire-arm, I assure you."


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Arabella, who had been a little embarrassed by Roger's speech and toast, had fallen silent. However, after Miss Murray had finished speaking, she found her voice once more.

"Mina, there is no need to assure any of us of the qualifications of our comrades, yourself included. After all, you are more extraordinary than you suppose. Do not doubt the power of being mortal. Often, regular people can see things of utmost importance more clearly than other beings. Now, I second Walter's suggestion to disperse and prepare as we will for whatever we may face upon our landing. This island should not be underestimated."


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Tuskegee nodded. He looked over at Arabella; "She is correct. The sailor's lore about this island is nearly as troubling as Mr. Macklin's reaction to it. We should all prepare ourselves. Also," he said, thinking that everyone else had explained themselves, "My other gift, besides my marksmanship, is a precognition of events--often I'll have flashes of insight into what is going to happen. It's been going on since I was a boy. Ambushes, minefields, airship accidents, deaths, anything really--I'll often have insight into what the future holds." He shrugged. "It will, more than likely, come in handy on this trip."

Tuskegee stood, and his boots thudded on the floor as he walked back to his cabin. A moment later, he returned with something in his hands. He put the trombone to his lips and blew through it. Seeing the strange looks from everyone in the room, he smiled, "Well, if we're going to die on this island, we might as well enjoy the evening!"


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Pierre was awakened by the first landing maneuver.

'' Hum, is time to prepare to the adventure'' he imediatly thought.

And then, he goes in the meeting of the other.


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Walter had finished preparing. He insured there were a number of...surprises stored on his person. He took a rather old map that he had initially borrowed. He had committed it to memory, as usual. He had read of several species of giant lizard, of dinosaurs as well. Some may be fictional, some may be real, but one can never tell. Walter had also requested the crew move several boxes of munitions to the lounge, to aid in his comrade's preparation. He walked on toward the lounge, and saw Pierre walking in just as he rounded the corner to open the door.


Isaac sat nervously, sweating. He had thought of the island, of his beloved Victoria. He had hoped both were in his distant memory. Unfortunately, as the case usually was, he had been forced to think of them both. Attempting to collect his thoughts, he focused on the ancient peoples of the British Empire, and of the Norse, who he had known a great deal about. "A Valkyrie, eh?" he mused, of Arabella. He snapped to attention as he looked out upon the island's large form coming into focus. Isaac walked out, slowly making his way to the lounge as they had previously determined they would...


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   Elisabeth gazed at the horizon visible from the bridge of the Peril. The water underneath undulated as an ocean should, but seemed to move quicker because of the speed at which the airship was moving. Then, as she began to watch out through the viewing panes, she saw in the dusky sun’s red glow the outline of an island. It looked nothing more like a red cloud, simply hanging there on the horizon.
   “All hands on deck, all hands on deck! Destination in sight,” she called. The order was repeated down the ship and within a couple of moments the members of the strange league on board were on the bridge. All, Elisabeth noticed, except that odd Mr. Macklin.
   “The island of lizards,” muttered Tusk. “I don’t have a good feeling about this place.”
   “Nor do I,” replied Miss Murray, “But we must stop whatever devious machinations that Ignatieff has put in place there.”
   Slowly, the red cloud grew larger in the windows.