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''The great game ? Crimean War ? Bah, who need little victory when we can used in our own interest the imperialistic dream of the more feared tsar of all time: Peter the Great ?'' said Pierre with a fakely joking tone.

With the same serious irony '' You don't know how much little father Peter was loved it if it can possess technologie of our time... (he take a tone more grave)or even the future''

'' pretty interesting information doesn't it ?'' joking Pierre with the more serious tone.


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Mina was appalled, and for a moment was struck by Pierre's rather delightful manner in bringing her this troubling news.  But she supposed she should have anticipated that, for that was how Pierre had always been...

She nodded but didn't allow Pierre to see how frightened she was at the mere thought of what Ignatieff could do with the time machine in his possession.   "Indeed, M. Dupre.  Quite interesting," she said, referring to the value of his information.

Pierre emptied his glass of brandy, and then looked at her expectantly.

"I think it would be quite useful for us to have you on board our ship for the time being.  If you'd agree to remain with us, that is?"  she asked.


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'' I never expected much of you'' said Pierre back to his joyful mood of before the discussion.

'' But i will whenever ask one more thing, a little wondering than for that i can't say too much now: Do you know who or what design the time machine ?'' he add with a look who hide some secret he don't want to reveal now.


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Mina wasn't quite prepared to reveal just how much she knew.  Thus she answered,  "You'll find Mr Macklin quite informed on the subject.  Perhaps you'd find it interesting to speak with him before we arrive at the island?"

Pierre was somewhat surprised at her sudden coldness, but seemed to take it well.  "Indeed,"  he nodded,  "I shall."

"Very well,"  Mina smiled gently,  "now if you'll excuse me I must make for the steering cabin and see that we depart immediately.  I'll call for a valet to show you your quarters, but by all means feel free to wander any part of the ship you'd like."  With that she exitted the room, leaving Pierre alone in the library.


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'' she knew it but don't want to say me.'' though Pierre

'' is frustrating....but what idiot i was to think she will say me all''

Then the valet arrived.

'' I will show you your quarters,sir'' say the servant

''of course, but can we make a stop in the one of Mr Macklin,please ?''

''of course, sir''

then Pierre and the valet goes in the direction of Mr Macklin's quarter.


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Isaac sat at his desk, rustling through the papers atop it. He heard a knock on the door, and opened it a bit taken aback. "Oh, hello. You are Miss Murray's guest correct? Well, what business would you have with me?"

Pierre looked at him, smiling "I would like to discuss the matter of a time machine, and who, or what may have created the device."

Isaac was taken a bit aback by the statement but ushered Pierre quickly into his room and closed the door..


Walter stormed down the corridor with Roger,and Tusk  in tow. He stared at a crew member, "YOU!" The crew member attempted to run, but was promptly apprehended by Tusk and Roger. The crewman smiled and evil, wispy smile as he was forcefully escorted down the corridor.

Walter practically flung him into the chair. He seemed a bit tense, but realized his emotions would only cause more incident with this man and relaxed. "You work for Ignatieff. We looked through the boxes, you checked them, but instead insured the device was still where he had intended it to lay. Now, sir, you will tell us all we wish to know."
The man cracked a smile, an evil knowing smile. "Do yoo honeztly think zat yoo can ztop him now? Yoo and yoor leetl team arr headingk foor a trap, and zer is nozink you kan do to ztop zat. Even now, zee machinashons of hiz krand plan are unfoltink." Walter stared at him, the man was difficult to read, however he did notice that he had a number of scars and was holding his leg in place...
Walter walked over to Roger and Tusk. Looking at Roger, he said "well, Mr. Smyth, I feel we must gain as much knowledge from this man as possible. Mr. Woolf, if you do not mind, we should continue interrogations." Tusk nodded "Of course Mr. Bennet, we should certainly understand our enemy better. Especially since Ignatieff seems to be quite the determined and extremely powerful adversary."


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Roger looked over at Walter...
"I have some little experience in this line of work, I can supply the necessary pressure fo him to talk, if you require it.  Can you provide me with a Leyden jar and some wire, or a battery perhaps, and a small bucket of salt water? If not, I have my knife, and there are always ways to improvise, ah look - a spool of fine wire, excellent!. My dear Tusk,  can you fetch a tool kit, pliers, a hammer,some nails, and the like?"
  Roger moved over to the bound fellow, and shook him by the hair..
"Look fellow, I've no qualms about making it very hot for you. I have reason for vengeance, and you would make a most appropriate start. So, we do this the easy way, or my way. Take the easy route, and I'll make your death quick and painless, its the only choice I'll be giving you."
  Roger waited and looked over at Walter.
"How long do we let this foul fellow have before his silence becomes his answer?"....


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"Well, I would really prefer to learn everything I can about Igantieff. However if this man is not forthcoming with any information of use, we can always learn whatever his cadaver can tell us." Staring at the man, he seemed a bit distressed at the thought of his death, especially since these men were not joking, or at least, not in a joking mood currently. "Now, sir, we will ask this again, before your day becomes far less comfortable and you begin to wish that we had let you drown in the waters outside of Tahiti." Walter's demeanor had changed. His tone was cold, emotionless and rather unsettling, the man noted.

"Vell...I haf not been vorkink for Ignatieff for very lonk. You must undterztant that I was juzt followink orderz. Ignatieff will kill me if you do not. I vill not speak. Yoo cannot force me t-" the man spied Roger with the wire, and Tusk with the tool kit walking toward him. Walter walked closer "Now, I am certain you do not wish for us to make this prolonged. However I would not be averted to taking certain liberties. You see" Walter said, as he removed a rather larger wrench from his bag. "Ignatieff killed a very good friend of ours." he motioned to Tusk. "I am certainly not one to shy away from forceful means, and will certainly not be so kind as to any of these fine gentleman's time. He walked closer to the rather shaken looking fellow, his eyes dark, unwavering as Walter moved closer to the chair the man was secured to....


Isaac was a bit uneasy. "For what reason, Mr. Dupre. For..for what reason would you ask about such an infernal machine? It is not something to be possessed by men, rather it should be destroyed and not studied!" Isaac walked to the window. He thought of that blasted island..of..of Victoria. He sat back down, attempting to steady his thoughts.


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Mina stepped onto the deck of the steering cabin where she found Elisabeth in conversation with a crewman.  As soon as she noticed Mina, she sent the crewman away and walked toward her.  "Mina, what can I do for you?" she asked.

"I've just received rather troubling information from my contact, M. Dupre.  I think that we should get underway to Lizard's Island as soon as possible."  Although formulated as a suggestion, there was no question in the tone of her voice that this was anything but an order.

"I understand," answered Elisabeth.  "We've already made preparations to depart.  We should be in the air in twenty minutes."

"Good,"  nodded Mina.  Elisabeth responded with a modest smile before returning to her duties, upon wich Mina made foor the staircase.


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Back to Isaac Quarter:

Pierre was a bit ashamed by the trouble than his question have caused. Normally, it would be too early to reveal his reason, but it is the only way to gain the so wanted information without provoking more suffering to the Poor Isaac.

Then the french canadian said ''I will tell you all (''or a least the essential'' said him to himself) in the condition who don't say it to anyone before it was the good time.You see....i think than the present event are the écho of the long quest of Ignatieff's Father. A quest he transmit to his son who finally assimilate to his own quest of world domination. But i am don't quite sure than i was right. So, i want to heard it of your own mouth: Who his the designer of the time machine ?''

This last line was made with a urge than Pierre has  all the misery of the world to control.