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Arabella, Roger and Walter were all three on deck as Mina stepped onto the Promenade.  She just came from the steering cabin, where Elisabeth had told her they would moor at Tahiti Air Harbour within half an hour or so.  And from on deck, Mina could see the tropical island shine in the pale blue seas, the other isles du vent on the far horizon.

"You ever been to Tahiti before, Miss?"  asked Roger as he exhaled a thick cloud of smoke from his cigar.

"No, I'm afraid I've never had the pleasure of visiting French Polynesia,"  she answered.

"Oh it's beautiful!"  said Arabella.  "The island is all covered with lecherous palm trees and the seas are of a brilliant blue."

"Indeed,"  said Mina as the sight of the island grew nearer.  "Well, Miss Adler lets us know we'll be mooring within the hour, and considering that I've agreed to meet Mr Dupre at midnight, I gather you should have plenty of time to wander the island . . ."


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Pierre came walking from the direction of a flower shop, and Mina sighed in relief that it he showed up in time; indeed, that he showed up at all.

"Monsieur Dupré," greeted Mina, "it is agreeable to meet with you again."

"Miss," Pierre made a slight bow, "I'm glad that our paths should cross once more."

"You'll forgive me that I'd rather discuss our business on board my ship than here outside."

"Why of course.  These dark streets can pose a ...menace to a beautiful lady such as yourself."

Mina smiled appreciatively.  "You flatter me, Monsieur.  Now let us make for my ship then.  We are in quite a hurry, so I'm going to have to ask you whether you'll agree to accompany us.  We should be back at Tahiti in less than a week or so, I assure you."


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Then Pierre begin following Mina.

He was glad than the meeting was that warm.


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Arabella was sitting on the deck of The Peril, swinging her legs between the railings and enjoying the sun. From the raised vantage point, she noticed Tuskgee and Elisabeth approaching the ship, and went down to greet them.

Coming across the pair in the main hallway of the dirigible, Arabella smiled and waved, but their return greeting was less warm. Both husband and wife seemed a bit distracted, and did not bother to stop for small talk. However, before she could ponder what was affecting their moods on such a delightful island, Arabella was standing face-to-face with Mina and an unfamiliar man whom she could only assume was Pierre, their new contact. Mina was the first to speak:

"Good afternoon, Arabella. I would like you to meet Monsieur Pierre Dupré. He will be accompanying us on our journey."

Pierre took Arabella's hand and politely kissed it. "A pleasure to meet you, dear lady," he said.

"And you too," Arabella replied, smirking.

"Has anybody else returned to the ship yet?" Asked Miss Murray. "We should be on our way. I hope the crew doesn't dawdle."

"Tusk and Elisabeth have returned," replied Arabella, "but Walter, Isaac, and Roger have yet to show up."


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Just then Roger and Walter walked up the gangway..
"Ah, Miss Murray," Roger said  "I have something here you should see. It appears that  Ignatieff knows we are here and as well, he knows of  our destination. This packet.." here he hands Miss Murray the oilskin packet with the note and coin, "was deilvered to me by a native, innocent of anything save taking money for a task.  I believe that we are safe for the moment, but I would suggest we proceed knowing that we are followed. I would suggest that whatever armaments the Peril carries be readied for action at a moment's notice. I also suspect that Ignatieff has some menas of tracking us, either by device, or communication from yet another agent on board"


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Walter seemed lost in thought for a moment. Upon hearing the word "armament his face spun round to face Miss Murray. "If you would pardon me madam, I would inform you that upon my instruction I took the liberty of incorporating some arms to the Peril that will certainly be of service. The crew has also been given proper instruction on how to operate the weaponry." Turning to a rather quizzical looking Isaac, who seemed rather embarrassed, Walter said "Mr. Macklin would you think I merely toil away in my quarters to no end? Of course with the initial modifications to the engine I had installed some defenses, but after Ignatieff...well suffice it to say that there is plenty to defend with."

Turning to Roger and Miss Murray "However, if there is yet another crew member under Ignatieff's influence on this vessel it would be best to deal with the traitor now." Scratching his head, he seemed a bit puzzled "I am certain there is no device, Miss Arabella, Roger, Tusk, and myself went through it with the crew..Oh, cog! There was one fellow, seemed a bit..off. He must have..I cannot believe I had not thought anything of it! Slip of the mind, madam to which I must apologize. We must see to this immediately!"

With that he dashed off, Roger and Miss Murray quickly following suit.

Elizabeth looked at Isaac, uncertain of what to say. She was confused, as to why he had acted so out of turn. "Not like Mr. Macklin at all" she thought, moving closer to Tusk as the walked inside. "Darling, we must part. I feel I may be of use to Mr. Bennet, Mr. Smythe and Miss Murray." Elizabeth was nervous, but nodded ok, and quickly walked off toward the command deck.

Isaac stood there, unable to think of what to do, he was confused, nervous and slightly frustrated that no one had requested his aide..Then again, what could he possibly do? He stood on deck, leaning over the rail. His thoughts drifted off and he thought of the island once more...


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Mina looked over her shoulder as they walked over, spotting Isaac leaning over the railing of the Promenade.  She didn't give it much further thought, as the others were talking to her.  With what Roger had told her on her mind, she turned to Elisabeth:  "Better start making preparations to depart.  If the message delivered to Mr Smythe is true, then we should get under way as quickly as we can."

Elisabeth nodded and descended the staircase to the steering cabin.  The others followed suit, save for Roger who stared at Pierre rather bemused.  "Monsieur Dupre, I presume?" he asked, helding out his hang.  "Indeed," said Pierre and they shook hands.  They exchanged the usual greetings, upon which Mina interrupted and excused them.  "Monsieur Dupre and I have much to talk about," she said, and beckoned Pierre to follow her into the library.

Roger went off to follow Walter and Tusk, who were talking about the possibly spy which had been hiding amongst their crew.

The library was deserted, and only one lamp was left on.  The dusk had begun to set in, and Mina turned on another light, then walked over to one of the ables on which a variety of alcoholic beverages were placed.  "Care for a drink," she asked?  Pierre nodded, and she poured him a glass of brandy, servicing herself a bourbon.  They sat down opposite of one another in the comfortable couches which were placed in line with the fireplace.  "Well then, M. Dupre.  What information do you possess which you think might be of use to us?"


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Then, Pierre change totally of stature, showing a face heavy of severity.

'' yeah....the famous information'' said Pierre with a gravity who is bad omen.

'' Dear Mina, do you know exactly what past event Ignatief want to change and how?''


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Mina was surprised that Pierre had known of the time machine, and Ignatieff's strive to gain possession of the device.

"I hadn't given the question much thought, to be frank.  I suspect that he will use the device in whatever way it will benefit his home country...."  Mina thought for a brief moment.  "His knowledge of past events may help him to change the outcome of the Great Game, or even the Crimean War."