Topic: Tumblr account

I think it's great we have a tumblr blog type thing, don't get me wrong.
If you're reading directly via tumblr, like me, it is mighty annoying that you have to click through twice to get to the actual article.  Especially if you have to do it several times, clicking back and forth gets annoying really fast.
Isn't there a way to make this properly accessible?
Because I can imagine that a lot of people just don't want to put in the two clicks efford (that's how people are).

Re: Tumblr account

You mean when it linked to an off-site article? Because mostly, I just post images... I'm not sure why you have to click twice. If I click the title of, say, a post that is feeded in from Marcus' blog, I'm redirected there instantly.

Sorry for the late response BTW. I'm afraid I didn't notice this topic earlier.