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"Pirate" by PapaNinja


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"just married" by Gordon Johnson

Not what you'd expect I bet smile


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"Combing" by Kippery

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Some possibly late-dieselpunk artwork by Jack Vettriano:


http://www.jackvettriano.com/exhibition … ren/angel/


http://www.jackvettriano.com/exhibition … otiations/


http://www.jackvettriano.com/exhibition … urple-cat/

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Those are lovely, I like his style!  Thanks for sharing!


fighting a nazi robot


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shopgirl design sketch


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"Gas mask" by Alvaro Tapia

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Hello, all. Haven't posted in an age, but I thought this image might be interesting to some. Found the picture of this marvelous Art Nouveau door online and just had to model it. It kind of grew from there into this thing that I call "The Night Caller".

http://i646.photobucket.com/albums/uu18 … Caller.jpg

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Erasmus wrote:

...thought this image might be interesting to some."

Hey, that's a pretty nice find. I like the asymmetric styling of it. Great concept with the use of color.

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How lovely!  The circular window suits the style very nicely.  (I think they might have actually based that off this building in Brussels:


They look pretty much the same!)

Hey, more artwork!  This time by famous artist Edward Hopper (don't know if it's been on here before):


Nighthawks, 1942.  (My favorite from him.)

http://summerization.files.wordpress.co … thawks.jpg


Automat, 1927.

http://www.dailyartfixx.com/wp-content/ … utomat.jpg

Here's a link to more of his paintings: http://www.museumsyndicate.com/artist.php?artist=54

Hope you like! smile

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