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I'm actually slightly afraid about my article on German militarism. It will, however, be edited by an Irish historian before I hand it in.
(In case you wonder, that would be my wife) wink


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Well I enjoy reading your articles!


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Full Throttle Ahead – The Steampunks are Coming!at Maskworld notes:

Steampunk has no fixed borders or rule books. If you want to create an alternative universe, do it as you see fit – it just has to make sense within itself. That is why similar or contiguous genres like "dieselpunk" (celebrating the aesthetic of the 1920s - 1950s), "Victorientalism" (the Near East and India from a Victorian viewpoint) and "steamfantasy" (steampunk on other planets or in fantasy worlds) have established their niches.


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More reactions and related posts, thanks to Piechur for the links:

* The Intersection of Race and Steampunk

* Steampunk racism, already?

* Stereotypes in Character Design


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"More tl;dr on Why I Hate Victorientalism," actually a rant against Orientalism. Once again, someone fails to make the distinction.

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The thing which strikes me is the hypocracy. It's okay to pick and choose romanticised bits of the British Empire and other states of the victorian period and charicature it unthinkingly into some bastardised fairy land, but nowhere east of Vienna, please.

Edit, I put my two pennys in on the 'Steampunk Racism, allready?' blog, and this post might even be rounded and balanced and logicial and other things which good human beings achieve more than me. I'm for some reason determined to get to the bottom of this Steampunk vs Racism debacle, probably because I missed the boat on assisting the Prof. with that Steampunk and ethnicity article or maybe because it shocked me how many wrong ends can be got hold of just one stick.


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Hello arpita- Nice of you to mention this. BTW: How did you find this forum? Standard research, because it is vaguely related to Medieval reenactment?

Just asking, you know. Search Engine Optimisation is part of my line of work. And this sort of link-spam you do is just too blatantly obvious.

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It's a bit more than that - seems the post has been lifted word for word from one of Hildekitten's posts on the previous page.

Easily dealt with using the appropriate hammer. smile

Sorry, left the Falcon in the Bentley. Right now, you answer to my Ronson T-T.

All hail Kremperpunk.


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