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"As the yet undiscovered realms of Asia are so vastly different" - WHAT THE FUCK GATEHOUSE GAZETTE.

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new issue of Gatehouse Gazette is out and it's great!

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ATTN: Steampunkers Kind of awesome right? It's an online mag

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Boy, I just love that fact that the latest Gatehouse Gazette says that racism in steampunk doesn't matter http://bit.ly/cjBSwB </sarcasm>

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Cinema is Cinema: Gatehouse Gazette Issue #11: Critics of Orientalism have done much to cast shame upon our often ...

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Frisch aus dem Ætherprinter ist die Gatehouse Gazette Nummer 11 erschienen. Thematisch dreht sich diese Ausgabe um die viktorianische Zeit, verbunden mit einer Priese orientalischer Exotik.

Reference at Beyond Victoriana:

Commentary in the steampunk communities, however, continue to frame Vicorientalism in a positive light, highlighting its romanticism as a positive endorsement for its use. This is all fair and well, IF the political and social effects of Orientalism were dead and gone. However, because it is very much alive today—causing damaging stereotypes and promoting racist mindsets—then perpetuating the glorified stereotypes of the Orient only serves to hurt the people of color they were based on. Moreover, such attitudes are only expressions of privilege, where white steampunks can turn a blind eye to steampunks of color in the community.

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On the upside...

1710 downloads already!

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Somewhat confused by the tweet quoting you but from my blog!

Sean Schönherr, author of Cinema is Cinema


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Ottens wrote:
HildeKitten wrote:

How did that happen?

Oh, I should have mentioned. The article couldn't be finished before the deadline unfortunately.

Surely it could have been moved to another issue then?
Instead of taken to another magazine X_x
sounds a bit iffy to me.


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I think a lot of people are either not liking victorientalism or not getting a lot of articles sad

I got a nice comment on the flickr post on my flickr page though smile


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More reactions:

* Against VictOrientalism by Dru Pagliassotti

* splitting, splitting sound, silver heels spitting, spitting snow by "razorblade cookies".

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I think Dru's piece well-balanced and non-judgemental.

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be


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By "Connikins":

So it looks like The Gatehouse Gazette has failed again with their "Victorientalism" issue. I read Ayleen's Beyond Victoriana steampunk blog about non-Eurocentric/colonialist steampunk (highly recommended!) and read the rant yesterday about "Victorientalism". I had no idea where the rant came from - but turns out it was Gatehouse being fail again. There was a similar kerfuffle about the use of the word "oriental" in an earlier issue, but I guess somehow they had the idea that putting a "Vict" prefix would be okay? (Emphasis mine)


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And Connikins starts by being fail thinking that we came up with the term.  Which we didn't.
And then they say something about Nick ranting.



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