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Just came across this and was a little weirded out. A steampunk wedding:

Not sure what made it steampunk besides the bride and groom's outfits. But still, a little strange. I know that there are tons of goth weddings and stuff, but I sort of feel like steampunk is a bit gimmicky for a wedding (unless you actually fly out of there in an airship with a "Just Married" banner flying behind it).

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I imagine the first couple Goth weddings felt really gimmicky too.

But yes, for now it strikes me that way also.

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I suppose I'm not that into steampunk, but that's a nice dress she's wearing!

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Nice dresses, though perhaps a bit too theatrical for a wedding as I see it.

(On the other hand, about 20 years ago I went to a medieval-dress-only wedding. The happy couple were of course SCA enthusiasts. The venue was a ruin of a medieval church. The Lutheran pastor, also an SCA-ite, had dressed in period style and mixed some latin into the ceremony.)

Top hat + goggles: is that a common headgear among anglosaxon steampunkers?

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Mechanurg wrote:

Top hat + goggles: is that a common headgear among anglosaxon steampunkers?

Very! (See my profile pic wink)

That Medieval wedding sounds nice because they did the ceremony in a similar style and everything.

Actually, looking at the entire photoset, this looks pretty entertaining. Almost everyone tried to dress in somewhat steampunk style and their table settings had lots of copper pipes.

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Well if both parts of the couple are into steampunk and if they do have a lot of steampunk friends it will not be surprising it is a "steampunk wedding" (something makes me hear a screaming Billy Idol in my ear now). I'm not sure what is modern, but around here a lot of people have a "Victorian" wedding with romantic clothes from the age and an oldtimer, and old buildings for the official ceremony, the religious ceremony, the photo-shoot and the party.
My cousin had goggles on his tophat when he got married 15 years ago or so, but that was not because he was steampunk.

I think an old industrial building would add more to the steampunk feeling and some old steammobile and/or steamtrain should be involved. And a calliope playing the weddingmarch.

I wonder what their rings look like?

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I've seen more steampunk weddings (in photos of course, I've not actually been to one) and some are done very tastefully.
I think it's the same with every other wedding: you need to be careful or it becomes over the top and tacky.

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It's a lovely idea if as already said both the bride and groom are into steampunk, but I can't imagine sending out invites to any of my friends who weren't like minded. If only because I feel that they would find it hard to mess with the culture.

Then again, we can so easily find themed weddings of many other sub cultures, so why not a steampunk wedding.  Is it so different in the eyed of those who truly enjoy it?

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photos from real Edwardian weddings

I'm sharing this in case people wanting to have a steampunk wedding stumble on this thread and may find it inspiring smile